Lark Fitness Tracker Stays Close To You 24/7



You know how it is with iOS-enabled fitness trackers: they’re like busses. You wait around for ages, and then three (or more) all turn up at once.

And the sweetest, cleanest-looking of those busses looks to be the Lark, a clever, wrist-mounted sensor which tracks your whole day, from daily exercise to nightly sleep.

The Lark’s coolest feature is its modular design. The sensor can be popped in and out of two wristbands, each of which contains its own battery. Thus you can charge the day band while you snore next to the comfy nighttime band. This eliminates one big quandary of 24-hour tracking: when do you charge the thing?

The Lark itself has an accelerometer, a vibration motor and 8 LEDs, and communicates with your iPhone or iPad using low-power Bluetooth 4. The companion app can be used to track your calorie intake, too, as well as delivering push notifications with suggestions and encouragement.

This last is important: the idea behind the Lark is to get you to slowly change your lifestyle, not chase targets an end up disappointing yourself and abandoning the effort.

The Lark costs $150, and looks to be pretty neat. Of course, we’ll have to try one out to see how it measures up to the FitBit and the rest of the competition. Still: more is better in this case, right: Survival of the fittest and

Source: Larklife