Google Street View Now Works In iOS Mobile Safari



Missing Street View on your iPad? Good news: Google has enabled it in Mobile Safari, letting you check out street-level detail from your iOS device, right there in the browser.

To use it, head over to and make your search. Now, down in the bottom right corner of the browser, you’ll see the little Street View figure alongside the arrow for directions. Tap him, and a new tab will open with the Street View, uh, view.

It’s a little sluggish — you might prefer to use Live Street View, a native app for viewing Google’s images — but it’s still a helluva lot better than Apple’s Street View.

Bonus: Street View on the desktop was one of the last reasons I’d have to fire up the Chrome browser, where I keep my last instance of Adobe’s Flash.

We’re still waiting for the native Maps app from Google, but if it’s anything like the rest of the company’s “native” offerings, it’ll be some crappy wrapper around a web view anyway.

  • philbert81

    Google is not doing this because they are nice guys. They only care about tracking you, and selling your info. Over a year ago I left google completely. I canceled my gmail account, I even started using bing search, and bing maps. About six months later I noticed that the spam I was reviving had dramatically reduced.

  • djkikrome

    It must pain google knowing that they’re no longer getting API connection payments from Apple and are now providing this for free. If only they weren’t so stupid and greedy, asking for higher API fees from Apple, and holding out on features for iOS, we wouldn’t be here, now would we. Jackasses.

    You are absolutely correct I think. Google are idiots and should have made their software equal on both phones. Safari is equal on mac and pc. Give people the same apps. Don’t screw with one type of user to make your platform stronger. It doesn’t work. And messing with Apple doesn’t pay either. Ask Samsung.

  • CamShoefield

    ’bout time!!

  • macvanderspek

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