Bypass The Mac App Store To Update Mountain Lion Software


Terminal softwareupdate

The Mac App store provides a nice, simple, graphical way to keep your Mac updated with the latest software, letting you know when system updates as well as Apple and third-party apps have a new update to be downloaded and installed.

If you don’t want to use the Mac App store, though, you can use the Terminal app along with some Terminal commands to do the same thing. When would you use this? Well, maybe when the Mac App store gets wonky, or if you’re not at the current Mac, and want to securely and remotely administer the Mac in question, that’s when.

It’s fairly simple. Here’s how.

Launch Terminal app from the Utilitles folder, found in the Applications folder. Once launched, type or paste the following:

sudo softwareupdate -l

You’ll need to enter the admin password here to let softwareupdate do its thing, which is essentially listing all available software updates for the Mac you’re working on, remotely or locally.

If you want to install everything on the list, equivalent to clicking the Update All button in the Mac App store, type or paste the command below:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a

If you’d rather install only one update at a time, type the following, but replace AppName with the name from the list you saw in step one, above.

sudo softwareupdate -i AppName

The caveat here is that the Terminal version of softwareupdate will only find and install system software updates, not third-party apps like the Mac App Store will. Of course, the Mac App Store can’t remotely update system software like this, either, so choose the tool best suited to your needs and specific tasks.

Source: OS X Daily


    Is there any way that you can install the updates from a flash drive with the .dmg update files.
    For example – when you have more than one machine needing the updates. Rather than downloading them each time as per the instructions above.

  • DrT

    Same issue as T-Billions. I’m stuck with a very slow internet connection (in Africa). Yesterday I burned a $40 data bundle trying to download software updates and when all the data bundle was used up, I had nothing to show for it. I would love a way to bypass the app store and get .dmg files of updates. Any possibility?

  • Smarty

    iMac is so stupid. Just run PC with hackintosh and you get mac + windows and an UPGRADEABLE, CHEAPER, and POWERFUL PC. Mac is just a basterdised PC. PC will run everything. Apple are just liars when they say it’s good for graphics editing.

    Don’t get a Mac. Get a PC. You can buy Mac OS X CD, split partitions, install Mac on one partition, and dual-boot it. Plenty of up-to-date tutorials.

  • Smarty

    Oh, and can iPhones, iPads, iPods run music directly to PC without iTunes? Well yes, through alternative programs. Androids can just connect, and the computer sees it as a storage device.

    iTunes is bloated, get MediaMonkey.

    Apple products are good except for the computer ranges. Yes I am typing this on an iMac running Mac OS X and Boot Camp Windows 7, which is a bit of a regret. I only got it just for the size, and thought no upgrade was needed since it’s an i5 processor, 4GB (Standard in all computers now), above decent graphics card by ATI. You could technically upgrade an iMac, but there’s different issues like support by the EFI (Apple equivelant of BIOS), and it’s a longer and difficult process with risks to damage, and also you have less options. You can upgrade memory with a paperclip to remove the slots, but memory upgrades alone aren’t good.

    For an all around good product, which I’m sure the gentlemen at Cult of Mac may agree or disagree, is that PC’s that can dual boot the best of both worlds are great.

    As for illegal. In the books people are buying MAC OS X cd’s to work their PC’s in, and while not technically illegal, it’s not like Apple will sue everyone that uses MAC in a PC. If anything, this should bring in more money just as long as it remains an underground thing (To protect profits)