iOS 6 Expected To Arrive At 1 P.M. Eastern, 10 A.M. Pacific


What time will iOS 6 arrive in your country?
What time will iOS 6 arrive in your country?

With iOS 6 making its public debut today, I’m sure some of you are sitting in front of iTunes with your iOS device plugged into your computer, mashing that ‘Update’ button as much as humanly possible in the hope that any time now, Apple will open the gate. Well, you may want to give your fingers a rest, because it could be a few hours yet before iOS 6 drops.

According to a timetable posted on Twitter (above), and picked up by Fortune’s Philip Elmer DeWitt, iOS 6 will make its public debut at 10 a.m. Apple time today. That’s 10 a.m. Pacific, or 1 p.m. Eastern, or even 6 p.m. U.K. time.

Of course, we can’t verify that this timetable is legitimate, so there’s a chance iOS 6 could pop up at any time. (The timetable was posted to Twitter by a man who claims: “Beyonce is my wife. Nicky Minaj is my mistress.” So take from that what you will.)

But if my memory serves me correctly, this is the same time Apple has released major iOS updates in the past.

While you’re waiting for the update to arrive, check out our comprehensive guide to everything that’s new in iOS 6 and see exactly what you have to look forward to.

Source: Twitter

Via: Fortune

Image: Absinthe Jailbreak’s Gamal Sabry