Pay What You Want And Give To Charity With The Humble Indie Bundle 6


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The Humble Indie Bundle has always been a fantastic source of solid Mac games for a very reasonable price. How much, you might ask? Well, the five initial offerings in this year’s bundle would run you almost $90 retail, but the price you’ll pay for them here is totally up to you.

Yes, you could pay no money at all for games like Rochard or Torchlight, both solidly great games that have been released on other platforms. But you wouldn’t do that, would you? The Humble Indie Bundle gives the money you decide to pay to the developers, to EFF, and to Child’s Play, a charity that raises money for games and consoles for sick kids in hospitals. See? I told you that you wouldn’t pay nothing.

As of this writing, over 120,000 folks have purchased the Humble Indie Bundle. I chose to pay $25 for the bundle, and received a gift code so I could give it to a friend, since I already own the two bigger games of the lot. Since I gave more than the average amount of around $6, I also receive (well, my friend does) a sixth game, Dustforce. Hurrah! The bundle also includes a soundtrack for each of the five initial games, as well.

My $25 breaks down into $16.25 to developers (go, devs!), $5 to charity (sick kids need games!), and $3.75 as a tip to the Humble bundle folk for being so awesome. You can choose the default split, like I did, or you can slide the ratio however you like. It’s really pretty great.

This is a great way to support Mac gaming as well as give a worthwhile charity some of your dough. The games work on PC and Linux, as well, so if you have a friend on one of those platforms, send them the link, as well.

Source: Humble Indie Bundle

  • mr_bee

    I wouldn’t buy anything that sent money to the extremist/obstructionist EFF.