Bring Displays Menubar Item Back To Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Display Menu menubar

Before the Display preferences were available in the menu bar in OS X, connecting my Mac to an LCD projector was a tedious thing. When it arrived a few OS X versions ago, I showed everyone I worked with how much easier it was to use this, instead of hopping into the System Preferences every time they hooked their Mac up to an external monitor or projector. Then OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion came along and replaced the Displays menubar item with an AirPlay focused one, and I’ve missed the original ever since.

The developers behind third-party app, Display Menu, thought the same thing and fixed things for us all.

With Display Menu, the developers want you to be able to:

Quickly check for available resolutions, refresh rates, or retina capability on any of your internal or externally connected displays and projectors. Switch between aspect ratios or turn on mirroring with a single click. It’s that easy.

Head on over to the Mac App Store and download Display Menu. It’s free.

Once installed, launch it from the LaunchPad or the Applications folder, and a cute little menubar item will show up, looking a lot like the previous Apple menubar Display item. As you can see in the screenshot at the top of this post, you can access all of your connected displays–I have a MacBook Air connected to a big Acer display–and turn mirroring off and on.

Click on the Display Menu menubar item and choose Start on Login to make sure this shows up whenever you start your Mac. And be sure to choose the Recommend option as well, to let all your online friends know about this useful, free app.

Source: Mac App Store
Via: Macworld Hints