Relax Into Gaming With Eufloria’s New iPhone Version, Retina iPad Update



Real-time strategy never looked this good.

Today, Eufloria was released in an iPhone-only version for three dollars, while the five dollar universal version has been updated to include support for the iPhone 4S, Retina graphics for the new iPad, iCloud saves, and game session saving (for when you hit the Home button by accident).

I first played Eufloria when it was released on the PlayStation 3 last October and was quickly infatuated with its calming graphic and auditory goodness. That’s not to say it’s a casual game; far from it. This is some of the better gaming I’ve done on any platform in a while.

Fast forward to February of this year, and Eufloria was released to the iOS platform in a universal version, letting iPhone and iPad gamers experience the soothing challenge on their Apple devices for a mere five bucks. The levels and gameplay mechanics have been redesigned for a touch interface, and the iOS version includes ambient tracks that weren’t present in the PSN version.

The goal of the game is to take over a majority of other planets in the game universe. The planetary systems are broken out into several levels, each with a specific goal to complete. You send out spaceships that you grow on planetary trees to explore and conquer other planetary bodies, some of which have their own bio-flora life and defensive mechanisms. Success is best found calmly, but its never too easy.

Truly, it’s better to see this game than read about it.

Eufloria is available now for download in the App Store.

Source: iTunes App Store
Via: AppShopper

A version for Mac has also been announced.[2][4]