Mosaic Makes Your Lightroom Catalogs Available In Any Browser, Instantly


Automatic mirroring of your latest Lightroom edits. Who wouldn't want that?


What if I told you there was a plugin for Lightroom which would mirror the latest edit of every photo in library in the cloud, and make it available in a neat, iPad optimized browser view right away?

You’d probably just call me a liar, skip to the next post and maybe take a sip of your coffee, muttering “That idiot Sorrel is doing it again. I’m writing to hi damn editor this time.”

Well, you’d be a fool. Instead, let that coffee cool a little and come take a look at Mosaic.


Mosaic mirrors your folders and collections in online storage, from where you can easily browse them via the web. Storage plans start at free for up to 2,000 images and the paid plans are pretty reasonable, too. 20,000 pictures will cost you just $7 per month, 110,000 (why not a round 100,000? Who knows?) is $15, and for unlimited photos you’ll pay a reasonable $24 per month.

The idea is so neat that even if you don’t regularly share a portfolio it’s worth signing up. After all, it doubles the available storage of Photo Stream, and does it for Lightroom. Sync it with a few of your favorite collections and your most recent edits and you’re good to show them off whenever you like.

Source: Mosaic

Thanks: Gerard!