ProCamera HD: At Last, A Proper Photo App For the iPad


ProCamera, now as an 'HD' iPad app.



It’s taken a while, but the first iPad-specific camera apps are starting to trickle into the app store. The iPad 2’s camera was, frankly, a total piece of crap. The new iPad, however, sports the sensor of the iPhone 4 and the optics of the 4S. It was only a matter of time before the likes of ProCamera came along to take advantage of them.

Sadly, some things haven’t changed. Apparently it’s still OK to call the iPad version of an app “HD.” And so it is with ProCamera HD, a redesigned version of ProCamera for the iPad.

The regular ProCamera features are all there: manual control for focus points, exposure and white balance; a lightbox for winnowing exposures before sharing; video snapshots, which let you grab a still while shooting video; geotagging with compass direction and anti-shake, amongst others.

There are also some iPad-friendly options. The SnapTrigger, for instance, is a movable control bar that lets you put the buttons under your fingers, wherever they are. This is essential on the iPad’s big screen.

I use my iPad for most of my photos these days, but I’m fully aware of just how dorky it is, and I still chuckle when I see other people snapping pics with their tablets. But that will change, in the same way that it became acceptable to use a laptop in a coffee shop, or for a child to speak in public without being told to first. The world moves on, and ProCamera is – thankfully – moving with it.

Source: ProCamera Blog

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  • Clark Wallace

    “A” instead of “AN” in the photo caption.

    “An high definition” makes no sense whereas “A high definition” does.

  • Marc Negron

    Nice. I can finally use an iPad camera app…in the comfort of my own residence. I’m still not sold on using it everywhere else, but I am glad that these apps are starting to show up in the App store for iPad. I will be getting this one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the default camera app on my iPad 3 and wanted more features.

  • Johnny Hanford

    “A” instead of “AN” in the photo caption.

    “An high definition” makes no sense whereas “A high definition” does.

    Read this article to learn about indefinite article use: