Textile Dock Cables Offer Retro Recharge



This handsome retro-styled accessory is the Textile iCable from Eastern Collective, a dock-connector with its wire wound in cotton to make it look like an old-timey kettle lead or even a bicycle pump adapter. And if I wasn’t banking on Apple switching over to a new dock connector for all future iDevices (and if I didn’t already have a drawer full of white cables), I’d probably already have ordered a few.

I don’t have many problems with the Apple cable, other than always trying to plug it in the wrong way round. It doesn’t tangle, it it the right length, and as I mentioned above, its long history means I have more than enough of them.

But the Eastern Collective cable is so cool looking I can’t help but hanker. And as it costs just $14 – a full $5 less than Apple’s overpriced offering – you should probably just switch over to these instead of the OEM version. Bonus: When your iPad 3 heats up to clothes-iron temperatures (like mine does), now you can actually have it look like a clothes iron as you press your shirts.

Source: Eastern Collective

Via: Uncrate

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