Steve Jobs’s Widow Buys $4 Million Home In Sun Valley [Report]


Laurene Powell with her husband and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Laurene Powell with husband and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs’s widow, Laurene Powell, who is said to be the richest woman in Silicon Valley, has reportedly purchased a $4 million home in Sun Valley, Idaho, where Apple CEO Tim Cook is attending the Allen & Company media conference this week. The new property is said to be located near a river’s edge in the wetlands area, and boasts three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

The New York Post reports:

Although late Apple visionary Steve Jobs was never a fixture at the mogul retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho, it appears that his wife has taken a real shine to the place.

Laurene Powell Jobs purchased a home in the area within the last few days.

The house, on the border with nearby Ketchum, Idaho, is said to be a small double A-frame home valued between $3 million and $4 million.

The report comes just a week after Cult of Mac reported that major renovations were currently underway on the Jobs family home in Palo Alto, California, which have forced Powell and her three children to vacate the property.

Worth an estimated $9 billion, Powell is the richest woman in Silicon Valley, according to Forbes.

Source: New York Post

Via: Macworld

Image: Forbes

  • Tom Locke ?

    Half a bathroom..?

  • technochick

    Half a bathroom..?

    . US real estate term for a bathroom that is just a toilet and sink.

    As for this report, the Post is a rag. Everyone in NYC knows this but the world hasn’t gotten the clue. This article is 99.9% to be total bogus.

    The truth is likely more like Laurene was invited to the conference for a memorial of some sort and the house was rented so she ddn’t have to stay the weekend in a hotel. Or someone from the conference might be the owner and offered her the use of it, same reason. But cause it is on the market everyone is jumping that she’s buying it.

  • MrPeabody

    Rich man buys yacht… News at eleven.

    Keep this up and you can count on loosing followers, including me