CableStrip Wrangles Worrisome Wires



We all know that the best cable management system is a Thunderbolt-equipped cinema display, but it is also just about the most expensive way to wrangle all the wires you need to support the life of your MacBook. So Rockpool Designs’ CableStrip might be the next best thing, and it costs just $10.

The CableStrip sticks to the edge of your desk and holds Ethernet, power, USB and other cables at the ready, prepared to be stuffed into your MacBook’s various holes as soon as it is plopped onto the table. There are five slots, and the cables stay threaded through them even when in use, so you can just yank them out and drop them when you need to leave, and they will stay ready for the next time.

The CableStrip, along with sister products the CableSnap and CableGrip, is available now.

Source: Rockpool Designs

Via: Apartment Therapy

  • drblank

    That’s a nice little design.

  • technochick

    When the prices for thunderbolt drives is remotely close to the prices on the rest then you can make that ‘best’ comment. 

    As for this, it’s the same design as a few dozen other cable clips.