Win The New iPad With Snapheal and Cult of Mac [Deals]


CoM - SnapHeal
  • beachbum68

    You’re software looks very interesting, I can’t wait to try it.  I really want to win an iPad too!   Thanks for the chance.

  • TideNTN

    Love photography so anxious to try this app.  And my daughter would love the iPad!

  • Attila L. Major

    Nice app very good i love it !!!

  • sonofsci

    I am a graphic designer and photographer.  Although I initially jumped through these hoops for the chance to win an iPad (which I don’t own one of…yet) I am really impressed with this program.  It gives me the adjustment brushes of Aperture and Lightroom 3+ while giving the cloning abilities of Photoshop.  This program at only $15 is gives me nearly all the functionality of programs I use that cost more than 6x (Aperture) or 10x(Lightroom 4) more.  PLUS, I don’t have to jump into Photoshop to use the clone tool.  Finally, it runs very light on my machine.  I was able to adjust several photos from a pet shoot (taking photos of pets, not killing them) in a quality way and very efficiently.  If a future release has recordable actions it will be even better. This program an excellent value and I will be buying it before the 14 day trial expires.

  • guinnessmcgee

    Really great app. Couldn’t have dreamt of this functionality 5 years ago. Keep up the good work!

  • Silas Chan

    Software is pretty interesting and useful. Definitely buying after the trial period.

  • MagicMen12

    I really like the simplistic design that makes it easy to import and edit photos

    Nicely  made! :) 
  • Kelani

    Aloha!  Snapheal is a great app!  I love, love, love it! It works really well and is super intuitive!  I bought this for my school computer so I would really love to win it for my 2 home computers! I would also love to win the new iPad as I put all of my pennies together to buy my own, and then I received a lemon that had everything that could go wrong with it: no retina display, too hot battery, dropped wifi connections, too long to charge, you name it.  I returned it and used the money to buy tickets to the mainland to help my in-laws who are 85 and 90.  They need me more than the new iPad does!  Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • kobe_3002

    You need Facebook to commen on that page….fail

  • mikebel

    Great software, planning on buying. Very helpful, quick and easy!

  • kislo_metal

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