Photoshop Touch Updated: Larger Images, Creative Cloud


PS Touch, now with bigger file sizes

Photoshop Touch aka the iPad Photoshop has just seen an update, and while it isn’t a full-on retina-ready rewrite, it does up the maximum of images to 2048 x 2048, making it a much better fit for the new iPad’s high-res screen.

Photoshop’s default image size remains at 1600 x 1600, but you can change it in the app’s settings. Another great addition is export to PSD or PNG via e-mail or the camera roll, along with iTunes transfer — although this appears to be one way, with no way to import layered PSD files into the app.

Also new are four new special effects (watercolor paint, HDR look, soft light and soft skin), a couple of new tutorials and an “improved rotate and flip image workflow.” While investigating this last addition I happened across the way to increase a project’s canvas size: you just go to the “crop” menu item and move the crop lines out, not in.

Finally, the Creative Cloud offers auto-sync, although if you don’t own any desktop apps that use it, you’ll still be forced to access it through the browser on your desktop machine.

As ever, the update is free, and buying the app will cost you $10.

Source: iTunes