Stiff USB Cable Doubles As An iPhone Stand


Put your lazy iPhone to work

The is a very simple yet very clever idea. It’s a USB charging cable for your iPhone (or micro-USB device) which is stiff enough to work as a dock. Plug the into a USB port on the side of your MacBook or monitor and it will be held, hovering in space, by the bendable, pose-able cable.

The Kickstarter pitch video by designer Bill May concentrates on using your iPhone while you’re at your computer, and that’s just fine. But I’d settle for the simple function of not-having-the-iPhone-on-my-marble-desk-getting-all-scratched-up. The cables plug securely in at both ends and can be bent into a stiff curve to hold the handset just where you want it. May says it also works with giant Android phones, which means that the svelte iPhone with its oversized 30-pin dock connector should be just fine.

The price of the reflects its simplicity — it costs just $19 in pledge money to get an iPhone There’s one thing to watch out for, though: the cable is too short to use with Apple’s own cinemas displays (and therefore the iMac). But given the frankly dumb positioning of these ports, which I curse every single day, this is no surprise.

Also, you can use the in conjunction with a USB extender cable to work as a desktop dock. Neat.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Bill