Deliver The Play With The iOS Games Workshop [Last Chance]


CoM - iOS Games

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to build an iPhone & iPad game but didn’t know how to code, you’ve come to the right place. The latest Cult of Mac Deals offer is a video course featuring over 8.5 hours of information that will teach you how to build an iPhone/iPad game using Game Salad – a free third-party piece of software.

This course is aimed at beginners who want to make games today but have no desire to program (or want an easier starting point than traditional coding courses). This offer is aimed at people who want to save money in the process, as you’ll get access to The iOS Games Workshop for only $79 for a limited time!

What You’ll Need:

  • A Mac computer: The software only works on a Mac
  • Game Salad: The free third-party software that you need to download

The man behind The iOS Games Workshop is John Bura, who has been programming games since 1997 (and teaching since 2002). He is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive, a company that produces games for the XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML 5, ad-games and more. So you’re learning from one of the best in the business!

Learning how to program can take months if not years and let’s be real…we just don’t have that much time on our hands! With this video course you’ll learn how to create iPhone & iPad games without using a single line of code – and you’ll save 55% off the regular price while doing so!

So don’t delay – grab this Cult of Mac Deals offer today!