Brick Your iPhone With The Rubber Box Case


Boxy, yet still somehow foxy.

Incase’s Box Case for the iPhone is just that: a boxy, sharp-cornered rubber case with a brutalist minimalism that wouldn’t look out of place on London’s South Bank. And not only does the thing look awesome, it also offers quite a bit of protection thanks to all the extra rubber at the corners. It’s probably not a good idea to start tossing your iPhone on the floor, but if it does accidentally drop, then it might at least bounce to a safe end.

The Box Case comes in pink, black, transparent, or beige-gray. The last one sounds horrible, but I like it precisely because it looks like a chunk of concrete. Whichever color you opt for, the case will come with a cutout for the camera, headphone jack, mute switch and dock connector, and has raised symbols to guide you to the volume and power switches.

I love it, and if I had an iPhone, this is probably the case I’d put it in. The Box Case is available now for $30.

[Via Technabob]

  • morrislevy

    Very misleading title… I am not amused.

  • fabiocunha

    And it makes your iPhone look like a Microsoft Zune HD

  • jgr627

    what kind of phone do you have then?

  • Dale Cawthon

    Are you effing kidding me?! As Steve Jobs would say, “That case is total shit! Trash it and start over!”