Despite Its Newfound Love For Windows Phone, The iPhone Is Still AT&T’s Bread & Butter


Maybe AT&T shouldn't be so quick to snub the iPhone.
Maybe AT&T shouldn't be so quick to snub the iPhone.

AT&T seemingly snubbed the iPhone earlier this year, choosing instead to focus its efforts on Nokia’s latest Lumia 900 handset running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. The carrier promised the device would be a “notch above” Apple’s popular handset, but as things currently stand, the iPhone is still its bread and butter, making up over 78% of its smartphone activations in the last quarter.

AT&T has announced this morning that it sold 5.5 million smartphones during the last quarter, which ended on March 31. Of which 4.3 million were the iPhone, accounting for 78% of its smartphones sales. Maybe, then, AT&T shouldn’t be so quick to turn its back on Apple’s device in favor of Nokia and Windows Phone.

And there’s no sign of easing demand, either, with year-over-year sales up by 0.7 million units. AT&T remains the most popular carrier for the iPhone. Verizon came in second after shifting 2.2 million devices during the same three-month period.

AT&T saw $31.8 billion in consolidated revenues, which is $575 million more than it saw in the same quarter last year. Wireless revenues are up 5.4% year-over-year to $16.1 billion, of which $6.1 billion is from data revenues.

[via GigaOM]

  • voloder

    Technically, to avoid using a misplaced modifier, the title should read, “Despite Its Newfound Love For Windows Phone, AT&T’s Bread & Butter Is Still The iPhone.” ;-) And yes, I AM a grammar Nazi.

  • Flyphoenix

    Yeah because iPhone was really the only smartphone people bought from AT&Ta few years ago. AT&T don’t count iPhone out just yet!