VoodooPad 5 Gets Dropbox Syncing, Markdown And More


Now you can write your wiki notes in Markdown, as God intended

VoodooPad, Gus Mueller’s amazing little desktop Wiki, has been updated to v5 on the Mac and v2 on iOS. The big news is that it has dumped Mobile Me syncing and instead now syncs via DropBox. There are lots of other tweaks and new features, but Dropbox — and by extension any cloud-syncing service — is the big one.

[VoodooPad][flyingmeat.com] was one of the original and best note-taking apps on the Mac and, like the iPod Touch of the personal-wiki world — it remains unique. [VoodooPad 5](http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/ “VoodooPad 5.0 has been released”) opens as a single page, into which you type anything you like. If you CamelCase a word, it automatically becomes a link to a new page, and thus the journey down your own personal rabbit hole begins.

There’s a lot more to it: you can sync with the iOS app, run code snippets inside pages, use VoodooPad to publish a website and much more. On the Mac, you can also use System Services to throw snippets into an inbox.

But the new version is why we’re here today, and VoodooPad 5 introduces the aforementioned Dropbox sync, as well as Markdown pages (which have syntax highlighting, and will render the pages when you export to the web, PDF, or ePub).

Yes, ePub. VoodooPad will now export ePub files, so you can write an ebook, links and all, inside the app and send it straight to iBooks. PDF export has also been made better and faster.

And organizational nerds will appreciate the new support for to dos. If you write @todo anywhere in your document, all the instances will be gathered onto one purpose-made page. This means you can keep the tasks of your to-do list anywhere you like, but then view them all in one place.

There is a [whole lot more][flyingmeat.com] than this. You could even use the app as a kind of documents repository like Yojimbo if you like, with the advantage of proper syncing, or any other number of weird edge-case uses (the app is pretty flexible). It’ll [cost you $25][flyingmeat.com 1] to upgrade from previous versions (new users can also buy it for $25 for a limited time), and the iOS update is free.

[flyingmeat.com]: http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/
[flyingmeat.com 1]: http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/docs-5/