Think Tank Retrospective 7, A Stealthy Camera Bag With An iPad Pocket



The low-profile Retrospective series now comes ready for your iPad

The Retrospective 7 is another one in Think Tank’s great lineup of stealthy-ish camera bags. This one distinguishes itself by slapping a pocket on the side which is designed to hold an iPad or an 11-inch MacBook Air.

Inside, you’ll find adjustable, multi-compartment padding and enough space for a medium-sized DSLR kit along with pockets for memory cards, chargers and batteries. The strap is padded, there’s a rain cover for emergencies and a carrying handle lets you move it around without fully “saddling-up.”

But the key here is the stealth part. When I need to get stealthy, I put a padded insert from Photojojo into any old bag I like. Think Tank’s take is to make a low-profile grayish brown fabric bag, and to add “Sound Silencers” to cover the Velcro seals when you’re shooting.

I have tested a few Retrospective bags before and I found them to be very comfortable and very protective. If you prefer a thinner, slightly less padded bag, though, then you should probably move along.

The Retrospective 7 will go on sale in May, price TBA.

[Thanks, Brian!]