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Doug Adam’s TrackSift Cleans Your iTunes Library Fast


Your iTunes library is an embarrassment to you and your family. Fix it now
Your iTunes library is an embarrassment to you and your family. Fix it now

Unless you are some kind of OCD music nerd, your iTunes library is likely a mess. Sure, you always meant to properly assign genres to your old Napstered tracks, or delete all the one-off songs in your library (that old Rick Astley track you used to think was so funny, for instance). But of course you’ll never get around to it without some help.

Doug Adams has been making amazingly useful Apple Scripts to do this for many years now, but if you’ve used them, then you’re the alpha geek I already mentioned above. Now, though, Doug has packed these functions into a $2 app for the Mac, and it is the perfect way to finally spring clean your filthy, crusted music library. It’s called TrackSift.

TrackSift contains nine ways to clean things up, organized into three tabs: Make Special Playlists, Find Tracks Without… and Clean.

Within these you can create a One-Hit Wonders playlist, rounding up all the Artists that only have one song, or you can find tracks not in a playlist, or without lyrics, or without artwork, and you can also clean empty playlist, trim genres or remove dead tracks.

I tried it this morning and it does exactly what it says it does, and it does it fast. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why buy an app that I’m going to use once and then never again? Well, it’s that kind of thinking that got you into this mess in the first place. If you really think one run-through with TrackSift will be enough, then you’re kidding yourself. Instead, you should do yourself a favor and grab it now.


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