Check Out All These Hideous iPhone Elitists Making Fun Of Android Instagrammers



If you didn’t hear the news, Android got a slick new Instagram app this morning that has brought salvation to millions of smartphone users across the globe. Finally, we can all take pretty ugly pictures of nature and cats and food and post them with the loving assurance that they are viewable to 80% of of the world’s smartphone users. Horray! Instagram is finally a really awesome global party!

Well stop right there with the happiness, because a lot of iPhone users are pissed that Instagram came out with an Android app. Twitter has been flooded all day with elitest iPhone owners bemoaning the flood of “ghetto” “poor”  Android toting riff raff smashing into their beautiful walled zen garden. The sheer abundance of snooty pretentiousness is enough to give a sensible person a lethal dose of dysentery.

Here’s some of the most ridiculous anti-Android Instagram posts we’ve seen so far:


Can’t we all get along? Can’t these silly iPhone owners stop mixing their vanity with class warfare by equating Android ownership with poverty? Can’t we all just Instagram photos of our meals using whatever smartphone we want and say, “holy cow Mike, that guacamole sure does look delectable”?


[photo via Clint Hardison]
  • Nick Cotter


  • Brian Anderson

    Have a sense of humor dude. Most of those are actually pretty damn funny. I’m sure there are gonna be lots of great condescending wonka android instagram jokes coming soon too :D

  • Blake Beavers

    Way to post the same thing twice in a single post

  • Buster

    @brianAnderson I understand that some of these people thought they were being funny, and on a superficial level they are funny. I laughed at how ridiculous some of them are. But I also think it speaks to a bigger problem society has in general…and that’s not really that funny.

  • Flyphoenix

    So what Android now has Instagram get over it people! Just because you have a iPhone doesn’t make you rich or better than Android.

  • DrunkKidCatholic

    I like how they included the word “ghetto” in the tags lol.

  • itoun

    Uneducated stupid people. You dont judge a book by its cover and you certainly dont judge a persons wealth and social status by the brand of the smartphone that he/she’s using. Secondly (a professional photographer might back me up here), the quality of a photo obviously depends on the camera but will surely depend on the persons ability to capture the right thing at the right moment and in the best possible conditions. Its because of uneducated iphone users like this that we (dedicated apple fans) get our ‘sheep-like’ image and reputation. Lets be more open-minded people for jOBs’s sake! Good for them android fans if they’ve now got instagram. I say…welcome to the club!

  • Kelvin Smith

    Same data plan, what is premium about that? In fact, some android phones cost MORE than iPhones! (note, I’m a longtime iPhone user and have no intention of switching, just wanted to prove a point)

  • Alan Liddell

    I understand that not all of you think of us in this way, but after this sorry display, I don’t ever, but ever want to be lumped in with you people. I may be poor, but at least I’m not an asshole. I don’t care how reasonable you think most of your little clique is (and you can pay all the lip service you want to just how horrible you think these people featured in the article are), we see the ugly side of Apple fannishness and exclusivity far too often for this to be just a statistical blip.

    Final thought: it’s just a phone, and most of you had very little to do with making it the way it is. You’re way prouder of it than you have any right to be. Have some perspective.

  • jab43

    @alanliddell Wrong what phone you choose shows who you are.

  • Alan Liddell

    @alanliddell Wrong what phone you choose shows who you are.

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • GraphicDesignNY

    These comments reveal how smart phones expose how ‘un-smart’ so many people are. Using Instagram on an iPhone, or any phone for that matter, and thinking that makes one a cool photographer is a lame assumption at best. They need to get real and purchase a real camera and learn how to take real pictures before they make ‘ghetto’ related comments on the very same task they are guilty of. A $200 cell phone is far from the credentials it takes for making someone hip.

    I’m Not Crazy About Instagram [w/video] blog
    Smartphone Users Who Make Over $150,000 Are Less Likely To Play Games Or Tweet

    Get at me clowns!


  • Sleaka_J

    This says more about Instagram users not iPhone users as a whole. I’ve seen Android users act the same, thinking they’re better because of the phone they’re using. Both groups are morons.

  • gnomehole

    Sorry but I’m with the iPhone users on this one… Instagram just lost its appeal.

    Anyone that calls out iPhone users as any worse than Fandroids is an idiot and or blind.

  • strider

    Don’t you people realize this is the call to arms we’ve been waiting for? The Android vs. iPhone war has officially begun, onward soldiers of Steve Jobs! (P.S. Android sucks)

  • Alan Liddell

    Don’t you people realize this is the call to arms we’ve been waiting for? The Android vs. iPhone war has officially begun, onward soldiers of Steve Jobs! (P.S. Android sucks)

    That’s very interesting.

    @gnomehole @Sleaka_J You have to have been in the echo chamber for a long, long time to believe that Android fanboys are as bad as or worse than Apple fanboys. Cf. the comment quoted above and the other one exhorting you people to do something “for Jobs’s sake”. Apple fanboys have long had a horrible reputation. Android fanboys, not so much. It may get to be that way one day, but I seriously doubt it.

  • Cody_H

    What’s sad about this is that all the BS that this story is talking about has just overflowed into the comments. By the way, @strider one of the things Steve has always said was that the other guys don’t have to lose for Apple to win…that’s not what it’s about anymore…Apple is a great company and it’s products are amazing without having to constantly rag on the competition…a real Jobs fan (like myself) or Apple fan (again, like myself) knows that…

  • Alan Liddell

    @Cody_H I quite agree. I am writing this from a Mac, after all.

    All right, I’m done here. You stay classy, boys and girls.

  • hic9582

    The weird thing is most android phones have filters built in and there are multiple apps that can add a filter for both android and iphone (I’m not sure if the iphone has one stock) so what is the big deal with instagram? The iphone users that are complaing are the ones only using instagram because they think it’s “cool” which is the exact same reason that 50% of people have an iphone, because it makes them look cool or like they have money. If everyone with an android is poor than why do I own a galaxy nexus that was $300? Oh that’s right because I know how to pick a good phone over the phone that makes people think I’m cool.

  • urgency

    whoa, so much classism. :/

  • JoViKe

    How about some photography elitism?

    That doughnut is badly lit. Food photography needs more technique: at least get the plate looking white instead of a yellowy grey.

  • ITBloggeren

    I just loved this post so much that I blogged this on my blog and shared this post around:D Android is just so bad,hehe..

  • C_Radclyffe

    Regardless of truth, it’s odd that you are surprised by this considering the blog name. Loving your phone, whether it be iOS or Android, is quite cultish. And as with any cult there is a certain amount of snobbery involved with that. Not shocking at all, purely childish!

  • C_Radclyffe

    Just in case that was unclear, I am a big fan of this blog! #apologies #sycophant

  • Sleaka_J

    If you think the number of Android asshats is somehow magically lower than iPhone asshats you really are more elitist than you think. Asshattery becomes larger on a platform as it grows. It stands to reason with Android having a larger market share, there are more idiots and trolls on the Android side than iPhone.

  • Sleaka_J

    If you still don’t believe me, find any Apple or iDevice story on an Android site, find the comments section and read them. It is filled with just as much elitism.

  • macewan

    now that’s some funny shit

    “going to be forced to see what poor people eat for dinner”

    don’t worry… Settle down @cultofmac it all fun and game. Just because a persons phone has a kick starter, kick stand, training wheels and a curb scraper it doesn’t mean they are not welcomed. This is just the jumping in process for Instagram street gangs.

  • KateMacVerde

    That’s hilarious.

  • eleusion

    let these hatemongering yuppie morons instagram working factories, cleaning toilets and making the beds of the working class for a few years. it would surely dignify them.

  • Ârt VanDelay

    Ahem. My android phone costs the same amount (probably more) than your “ghetto” iPhone. And it had 8 megapixel camera before yours and oh, I have a quad core Asus Transformer prime “ghetto” tablet!!! Better than your crapple “The new iPad” (what a lame name).

    Seriously iPhone users, do you know how ridiculous and insanely moronic you guys sound? Android owners are not “poor” people. Real poor people lice on food stamps and have never owned a smartphone. Sheesh!!!

  • Hurrr

    Master race transformer prime/htc one x owner reporting in. What’s it like still using a dual core device guys? I mean I have pictures from 2006 but I’m sure you all could refresh my memory with your pictures from your lower resolution cameras on your redundant ‘retina’ displays?

  • Ross McDonagh

    I don’t equate Android ownership with poverty… I equate it with stupidity! That, or a slick salesman @ a Verizon “authorized” retailer that told my friend that the Droid Charge was “The BEST PHONE WE HAVE, IT’S BETTER THAN THE IPHONE” Considering that my friend Mike walked in looking for a 4S and walked out with a 4G, I’m assuming this salesman, (Jake Botticello of Cellular Sales in New Jersey BTW) was counting his commission before my buddy even walked out of the store. Anyways, after my friend had nothing but issues with the Droid Charge(they DID get the NAME right-it’s ALWAYS on the CHARGER) I called verizon on his behalf, told them the situation and they sent a replacement since he was out of the 14 day return period. THAT replacement was still crap, so I called AGAIN, and now my friend Mike is the proud owner of an iPhone 4 no thanks to Cellular Sales and Jake Botticello. Don’t let the salesmen screw you over! Do your homework, know what you want and don’t let them sway you to make commission!!!!

  • kateordie

    I’m the Kate Buckley whose tweet was featured above. If you were to know me or follow my tweets regularly, you would know that my tweets are meant to be ridiculous, not to be taken seriously. You also would have seen the tweet that immediately followed 5 seconds later saying, “Btw, that last tweet was a joke. I think I had a flip phone until a year ago and I crop dog hair and pee out of all my photos!” Because of this article and the out of context tweet, I’m now getting harassing tweets from grown men calling me awful names, saying hateful things, and telling me to suck their d*ck. It’s terrifying. I can’t imagine what would make people behave this way over a cellular device.

  • eleusion

    there is a serious class issue that comes through in the comments CoM posted above, regardless of platform or OS. but what’s sad is that from the user comments below it seems all people understand is this childish non-issue of “Android” versus “iPhone.” what superfluous pedantic nonsense. people worshiping at their product alters in the churches of Google and Apple like sixteenth century zealots. it is almost as moronic to pick a side in that peabrained “war” between corporations as it is to be as heartless and ignorant as these instagram snobs.

  • yuridg

    I know plenty of poor people who save up for an iPhone, and plenty of rich people who recognise the value of having Android.