Capture the Mouse Pointer in Your Screen Pics with Grab [OS X Tips]



We’ve shown you a couple of cool tips for screenshots, because let’s face it: we all take quite a few of them. Sadly, though, the default screenshot Command-3 doesn’t show the mouse cursor, and the Command-4 shortcut actually uses the mouse to define the area of the image capture, therefore leaving it out of the shot by definition. Lucky for you, though, we found a way to change that, using an app, named appropriately enough, Grab.

Take a look in your Applications folder for the Utilities folder. Open Utilities and find Grab, one of the included applications with Mac OS X. Click on the Grab menu, and select Preferences. You’ll then be able to choose the visual style of the mouse pointer you’d like to include in a screen shot.

You still can’t do a selected area of the screen and show a mouse pointer, so choose timed screenshot for best results. Grab will show a dialog box (which won’t be included in the screen grab) with a red countdown timer, and will beep at you right before it snaps the picture.

Grab only saves images in their uncompressed, TIFF state, so once you have the image and save it in Grab as a TIFF file, open it up in Preview or your favorite graphics program to crop and change to a more friendly format, like JPG or PNG.

[Source: OSX Daily]

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