Automatically Name Your Screenshots Something More Useful [OS X Tips]



I have to admit it. I take a lot of screenshots here when trying to illustrate these daily tips. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to name them something more useful, say, like “Cult Of Mac Tips?” Well, it turns out there is a way to do that, requiring only a dip into the Terminal app and some copy and pasting. Ready?

First, launch Terminal and paste in the following (using your own useful text string in place of the stuff in the quotes):

defaults write name "Cult Of Mac"

Then, restart the user interface system with the following command:

killall SystemUIServer

Take a quick screenshot and see if it’s working. It should now replace the words “Screen Shot” with whatever you typed between the quotes above. Try it, you’ll like it. Want it back the way it was? Simply issue the same commands above, and put “Screen Shot” back in the quotes. Don’t forget the killall command, or it won’t appear to work. Note that any files created before the changes will remain that way, so if you name it something obscene, don’t blame us, just delete them.

[Source: OS X Daily]