Process Non-Destructive Photo Editing App With Recipe Sharing


Process will let you brush up your photos in no time
Process will let you brush up your photos in no time

Process is a new take on photo editing apps. It’s simple, fast, powerful and has some very clever ideas about how we edit our photos. The in-app introduction describes it as a “non-linear editor for photos,” and that’s not far from the mark.

The trick with Process is that all of the effects you add are stacked, non-destructively, kind of like layers. As you add new effects, they appear in the “Process” list and can be dragged to apply them in a different order. And unlike other apps, these are all applied in real time. Thus, there is no undo, as the underlying image is never touched. To remove an effect you can switch it off, delete it altogether. or even go back in and diddle with it some more.

The next step is logical but also very cool. When you are happy with a process, you can save it, and it will automatically be shared across all your devices via iCloud. But you can also share processes with other people via email, and they can just tap to open it in the Process app.

Images can be opened in any other app, and sent to Instagram or Twitter. The problem with this is that there is no cropping tool, and Instagram receives the photo and assumes you don’t want to crop it square, leaving you with borders at the side, or the top and bottom.

This newly revamped version of Process is available now as a universal app, and is Retina-ready for the new iPad. $3.