Over 40% Of iPad Owners Plan To Buy iPad 3, But They Want It To Be Cheaper [Report]


image courtesy of CNN
image courtesy of CNN

Hype for Apple’s third-generation iPad has reached a fever pitch leading up to tomorrow’s announcement. A whole lot of people are eager to see how Apple will leapfrog the rest of the tablet market yet again.

When we asked Cult of Mac readers if they plan to buy the iPad 3, over 50% of you answered with a resounding yes. A new survey indicates that over 40% of online shoppers in the U.S. also plan to spend their hard earned cash on the next iPad, but they want something from Apple in return: cheaper prices.

The PriceGrabber shopping site conducted a survey of 1,829 U.S. online shopping consumers to determine demand for the upcoming iPad. 52% of the surveyed tablet owners already owned an iPad, and 42% of those consumers said they plan to buy the new one when it becomes available. 39% of those surveyed said they plan to purchase the next iPad before the end of this year, with only 11% saying they plan to buy within the first week of its release.

Interestingly, the feature people wanted to see the most was a price reduction. 54% said they wanted Apple to lower the price of the third-gen iPad, indicating that there is a certain segment of the tablet market Apple hasn’t penetrated yet. The Amazon Kindle Fire currently dominates the lower-end tablet void that an iPad Mini could fill, but it will all depend on if Apple decides to go in such a direction. There have been rumors that a 7-inch iPad will be introduced later this year.

The second most requested feature was better batter life, even though the iPad 2 sports one of the most impressive batteries for any tablet in its field. People also wanted to see Apple add an SD card slot for data and photo storage. A better camera, A6 processor, and HDMI port were all requested features also.

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What’s the one feature you want to see most in the next iPad?