This Wall Wart Adapter Adds iPad-Friendly USB Ports To Any Power Socket


The RCA adapter adds two USB ports to your power outlets, without compromising on their plain, ugly design

If you are remodeling your home and wish to spend ten times the price of a regular power socket on each and every wall wart, you can opt for one of many USB-enabled faceplates which let you charge your gadgets right from the wall. But for a more practical and portable option, you might take a look at the RCA USB Wall Plate Charger, a gadget which does exactly what it says on the label.

The charger is simple, and all the better for it. Round back is a standard 3-prong plug, which mates with any grounded socket in your or anybody else’s home. On the front of the rather utilitarian-looking box is a pass-through three-pin socket and a pair of USB ports. One of these ports will supply 2.1 amps of juice to charge the thirsty iPad, or you can hook up two of any other USB-powered device.

Not only is this little box cheaper than many built-in USB-equipped power outlets, it is way more sensible. As Instapaper developer Marco Arment points out, USB might be obsolete in a few years, whereas AC plugs will likely be around for another 100 years. What will you do when all of your Apple gear charges over Thunderbolt?

When I travel, I usually take along just my iPad power brick along with Griffin’s USB Mini Cable Kit, a pack of three stubby USB cables. But for a home charging station, the RCA box looks ideal.

Via Lifehacker

  • joewaylo

    Only problem is if you use a surge protector and if it comes to using an appliance like for vacuuming time, the surge protector would have to be unplugged. Unless you’re fortunate to have more than one outlet nearby.

  • Kyu Kim

    In my opinion, the USB ports should have been placed above the normal power outlet (as opposed to below per picture) as to avoid situations with large power plugs. 

  • Hugo Horta Ruivinho

    No Euro Plug = Useless in Europe :)

  • Mike Rathjen

    I seriously doubt USB will be obsolete in just a few years.

  • Miserlou57

    Ditch the plug-in adapters:

  • Brandon Dillon

    It’s the small details like this that make a product that much better.