Every Apple Product Ever In Just 30 Seconds (And Every NeXT Product Too) [Video]



Over at my old haunt Boing Boing, my favorite Elfquest-obsessed Pittsburghian Brit Rob Beschizza grabbed a great slice of 70s prime time music and used it as the background track for an exciting YouTube video smashing together every Apple product ever in just 30 seconds of Flash.

My favorite part, though, is that Rob didn’t stop there: he then also did it for NeXT (using The Neverending Story theme as the soundtrack). A considerably slower paced video, to be sure. You can see it after the jump.

  • Gok

    final product is iPod Socks. Yayy

  • richardpini

    …and over at Elfquest, our own Mac-obsessed crew appreciates both the tip-o-the-hat, as well as Rob’s excellent tribute. We’ve owned/used maybe 95% of all that.

  • Brendan Guhl

    Apple Bluetooth Headset?