This Apple Store Genius Had His iMessages Leaked For The Whole Web To See



Having someone snoop into your private life is a horror that sends most Americans into a state of demonic rage. People went completely nuts over the Carrier IQ controversy,  and we wonder how most people would react if the internet had transparent access to all their text messages. Unfortunately, Apple’s iMessage has revealed what such a scenario might look like, and it’s not only not pretty… it’s something that can happen so easily that even an Apple Store Genius has had his private text message history exposed, sexting and all.

This afternoon Gizmodo revealed the story of an Apple Store Genius they call “Wiz” whose iMessages have been sent to them by accident over the last couple of weeks completely unbeknownst to the Apple Store Genius.  It’s freaky to think just how much personal information we pass along to our trusted friends, and how that information could potentially be used against us should it fall into the wrong hands. Gizmodo knows all about Wiz and his exploits with women, job status, photos, email address, and blood pressure thanks to the receipt of his iMessages on their iPhone.

They never tried to snoop on Wiz, but how did this Apple employees information accidentally fall into their unprying hands? Apparently after their friend took her son’s iPhone to the Apple store to get fixed, a long-standing bug with iMessage transferred Wiz’s iMessage account onto the son’s iPhone. Despite trying to reset the phone and reentering the proper contact information, the iPhone still receives all iMessages meant for Wiz.

The amount of information they’ve been able to pilfer from his messages is pretty vast. They know his home address, Facebook profile, personal information about his friends, where he exercises, which Apple store he works at, and have insights into his love life. Luckily for Wiz the Gizmodo team aren’t seeking to use this info to their advantage and Wiz’s utter destruction, but what if this happened to you? The last thing I want everyone to know that is that I cry myself to sleep at night listening to Madonna’s new album.

While this bug isn’t anything new, it is very surprising that little has been done on Apple’s part to fix it despite the fact that they are most certainly aware that it exists. So if anyone in Cupertino is listening we’re pleading that they get this issue resolved rather than fire Wiz for his attempts to kiss his co-worker’s calves.


Wiz likes to kiss calves and swap tranny pics with friends. Hey, who doesn’t?



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41 responses to “This Apple Store Genius Had His iMessages Leaked For The Whole Web To See”

  1. Manuel Reyes says:

    Poor Wiz, hope that apple doesn’t fire him over this and they fix this bug asap

  2. Andy Murdock says:

    Cult of Mac, you totally suck for participating in the exposure of this guy’s private messages to the world.

  3. Buster says:

    we were thinking more about spreading awareness about this terrible bug and the consequences it would bring if it became widespread, but we appreciate your criticism of our sucktitude.

  4. Jedidiah Sorokin-Altmann says:

    One can spread awareness of the bug and the consequences without actually disclosing private messages. This kind of thing is what gives bloggers a bad name in the overall category of journalism.

  5. Jedidiah Sorokin-Altmann says:

    Moreover, there may well be a colorable legal claim against those that publish the details. Public disclosure of private facts, anyone? The bug is newsworthy. The contents of his messages are not.

  6. Loren says:

    CoM is turning into the most shitty mac blog on the web. The link-baits and now this bullshit. Go suck a cow dick.

  7. ??nD ??os??A says:

    Theory is he swapped SIM cards…on the other hand, maybe he swapped phones. Are we sure Wiz did not trade in his 16GB for a 64GB?  Maybe he swapped SIM cards, then decided to swap phones? 

  8. Blake Erickson says:

    Why is COM doing this to this poor guy?! Take down this guy’s personal info – please! 

  9. brownlee says:

    His personal details were censored. Not sure how he has any claim.

  10. Blake Erickson says:

    You can effectively highlight the potential dangers of this bug without plastering an apple employee’s personal life all over the internet. The fact it came from Gizmodo is irrelevant. Posting it on CoM makes you complicit in an extremely low and dirty act. Sucktitude indeed. 

  11. ??nD ??os??A says:

    Link bait is easy to kill, get an OpenDNS account and add a block for or if you know what a HOSTS file is point it to

  12. Blake Erickson says:

    According to the Gizmodo thread on this article, he’s already been identified. So much for that theory. 

  13. macfoxpro says:

    Cold demo, Cult of Mac!

  14. Sean Smith says:

    Further proof that Gawker/Gizmodo writers have absolutely zero journalistic integrity. Let me guess… Jesus Diaz wrote this piece?

  15. shahn says:

    Imagine if it had been you, buster.  This is the standard you live by for yourself?
    Apparently, this site is no better then the tabloids.  

    See ya cult of sucking ass!

  16. Loren says:

    This article is classic Cult of Mac dick sucking.
    Cult of Mac sucks dick. Stop taking down my posts. You suck dick and people need to know.

  17. Ian Ku says:

    That suuuux! That’s the crappy thing about iMessage and SIRI, everything goes through and is stored on one server location (or several but that doesn’t matter).  This glitch CAN affect everyone.  Very surprised that with Apples scrutiny to privacy, that they would let their own customers go out the window.  Apple is like that genius sibling, that you want to smack upside the head for being a dumbass when it comes to their lack of social skills.

  18. Daniel Harris says:

    They really, really should not have posted all those screenshots and pics. Not nice.

  19. Buster says:

    Alright Blake, I give. What part of his personal information would you like for me to take down? His nickname Wiz? The fact that he works at an Apple Store? Are those two pieces of info enough to identify him? Or was it the picture of his shoes with his face blurred out that was too much. 

    Actually, on second thought there isn’t any personal info in this article other than a nickname. No phone numbers, email addresses, city of location or anything in this article lets you know who this person is. I haven’t the slightest idea who it is. Hell it could be me for all I know.

  20. Andy Murdock says:

    I stand by comment.

  21. m_hardwick says:

    In fairness, he’s pretty much copied the Gizmodo article – they were the first scumbags to post all the photos.

  22. m_hardwick says:

    Gizmodo were the first to post them I believe… still, pretty scummy move by all concerned.

  23. m_hardwick says:

    Regardless of whether Blake is correct or not – your attitude as a representative of CoM stinks. Posting the photos was a scummy move, everybody agrees – uproar over at Gawker about it too (where I guess you got the photos); why could CoM take the moral high ground and just not post the photos?

  24. Mac999 says:

    Cult of Mac is turning into as scummy as gizmodo. Next, they’ll be promoting link baited, AppAdvice.

  25. Chicago_SC says:

    I’m gonna have to agree, the article needs to be void of the pics and imessages and only talk about the problem and how it can be resolved.

    Don’t lower CoM to Giz levels those guys are d-bags with a horrible page layout.

  26. GxVx says:

    good stuff, especially the pics!

  27. CharliK says:

    No the fact that it came from Gizmodo is very relevant. They are known Apple haters after getting shut out over the iPhone 4 and they do whatever they can to make Apple look evil, stupid etc. 

    I wouldn’t be shocked if this whole thing is a total fiction made up by Gizmodo to further their favorite game. 

  28. Blake Erickson says:

    The info is clearly personally identifiable to the people with whom this guy works, and most likely socialises. Imagine for a moment a situation where published intimate messages were not from one’s actual partner. Do you see the world of trouble this might get someone into? Of course – I’m not insinuating anything about this poor man’s private life, just trying to make the point here. 

    I’d take down the pics, his nickname, what he may or may not spend his time looking at and sending to friends or receiving from friends – and simply say that an apple employee’s messages were being wrongly sent to someone else’s iPhone due to an iMessage glitch. This and Gizmodo’s stories just seem very voyeristic, particularly the “Wiz likes to kiss calves and swap tranny pics with friends.” comment at the end. 

    Why should he have his privacy sacrificed due to a technical glitch not of his own making? 

    Word is, due to the info Gizmodo already posted, he has been identified by co-workers already based solely on the very same info that CoM has also published. It’s closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, sure, but the question remains – why post someone’s private communication without their express permission if it’s not in the public interest to do so? 

  29. Omar Abou-Youssef says:

    So you mean they were only copying them and being scumbags themselves?

  30. Vincent says:


    I thought CultofMac was Safe For Work, but today it was not.

  31. joe_velachi says:

    Check the Berkeley, Ca Apple store

  32. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Yes because hiding your head in the sand has help you so much.

  33. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Good to see your on top of these issues, no matter what some troll says. 

  34. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Oh boy more conspiracy kiddies. They don’t hate anything that is half the fun for Gizmodo. 

  35. Alexander Cardosa says:

    No one would pay attention without actually seen how dangerous it can be. Just look at smokers and even boozers. Only when you have to deal with real consequences dose the human monkey take notice.

  36. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Nice try go to law school before commenting kid. 

  37. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Never we need to see more.

  38. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Well said keep up the good work.

  39. Alexander Cardosa says:

    Further proof that most people online are brainless and walk around dazed and confused of reality. 

  40. steveworks says:

    I think its not a bug. They tried to re activate a newly formatted gadget (iPhone & iPad) using another sim card and automatically the number of that sim card is attached to that device even if you removed it. As a result if some ne tries to contact you with the simcard number like in iMessage if you are connected to the net you will receive the message too that is not intended to you. You have to reformat it again to reset and activate the phone with YOUR OWN simcard. That guy must have used his sim card to activate the iPhone that you have thus transferring his account to yours. Put another sim card and check your phone if the phone number will be change and viola! no. Still the same number that activated your phone. So, never use your own sim to activate other iPhone. So much for a Genius.

    – Apple Tech Guy 
  41. udiaz75 says:

    Everyone take a break… There is not personal info on this.. AND this is what happens when you break protocols. There are consequences… So I am sure that he will never to that again!!< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



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