Finally Brings Unlimited Audiobook Streaming To iOS


Audiobookscom-iOS has today launched the first subscription service to provide unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks streamed directly to your device. The service uses an HTML5 web app and promises to enforce no monthly limits and no long-term commitments.

The cloud-based service doesn’t just work on iOS devices, either. Once you’re signed up, you can enjoy titles on any internet-connected device, including Android-powered smartphones and tablets, and your computer. And because all of the content is stored in the cloud, there’s no downloading to your device and no need to worry that you’re using up your precious storage space.

Since it’s a cloud-based service, allows users to instantly access thousands of popular titles from anywhere using an Internet-enabled mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet. There are no storage constraints because the content resides on the cloud, and users can access and play audio books instantly with no downloading necessary.

This does mean, however, that you need a data connection to enjoy the service. also offers a terrific feature that allows you to mark your place in any book, then resume listening from the same spot later on. What’s more, it’s exclusive to

Users can mark their place in an audio book and resume listening at the same spot from any Android or Apple device, laptop or home computer without using a browser plug-in or special application. This innovative new feature enhances the user experience and is only available through’s proprietary cloudmark sync technology.

But all of this comes at a price of $24.95 per month. That may not be an issue to those who frequently spend more than that on audiobooks each month, anyway. However, it does seem a little steep when you consider that a service such as Netflix, which offers hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows, only charges $7.99 per month for unlimited streaming.

  • Jonathan McCann

    So far they seem to be missing a number of titles I was looking for, and you can only play at single speed. It’s a good concept but the price point seems a little steep. I’d really like to see more titles and narration speed options.

  • Mihov

    Is it just me or that iPhone in the picture looks oddly disproportional to an actual iPhone?

  • timborama

    These guys are dead before they even know it.

    (1) price is way to high, >3x Netflix.
    (2) Streaming only is a complete fail, does me no good when flying.  At least let me download at home, and listen later. 

  • rick1010 shut me off for listening to too many books I listen to books every night at work and when I think one is dull I get another because of the so called unlimited service which I paid for I didn’t think that was a problem but they cancelled my account and told me I could not sign up for another how is that unlimited?