Apple Announces January 19th Education Event In New York City


apple education

Well looky here! Turns out the rumors are true and Apple really will be hosting an Education Event in New York City on January 19th. There are no details on what Apple will actually announce at the event, but our guess is it will involves textbooks on the iPad.

The event will be taking place at the iconic Guggenheim muesum, though no information was given on who will be the main speaker.

Sources close to the company tell AllThingsD that the event will involve an initiative related to iBooks in education, presumably with some sort of tie-in to iTunes U. Details beyond that are slim, though we’re told that this is an effort in which Jobs had been involved with in the months prior to his death. That could mean that it’s the textbooks-on-iPads plan that Jobs famously discussed with biographer Walter Isaacson. Fox’s Clayton Morris is hearing something similar.

“The textbook market is certainly ripe for digital disruption, but the players that have emerged so far are pumping in a lot of cash with little to show for it.”

What do you think Apple will announce at the event? Do digital textbooks get you excited, or are you hoping for something a bit more substantial?

(via AllThingsD)

  • brandoncozart

    as an iTunes U administrator, this announcement excites me very much! i can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next with their education platform!

  • ddevito

    e-Textbooks for the iPad.

  • ddevito

    Again, as an Android troll :) I will gladly say that it’s refreshing to see a company actually better the planet, and in this case it will be education.

    Jeez, I graduated high school in the 90s and I have textbooks with Reagan and Nixon in them. Sheesh – it’s about damn time someone tackles this problem.

  • ddevito

    “Do digital textbooks get you excited or are you hoping for something a bit more substantial?”

    Education is rather substantial.

  • Richard Mears

    Perhaps instead of “substantial” he meant “hedonistic?”

  • Cincotta_e

    As a college student, lugging around expensive books is a big pain in the butt. I hope this is what I think it is, because if they’re bringing textbooks to the iPad, I’m totally buying one.

  • Puttapong Tapaonoi

    Oh please, make it available around the world. Because children who want some good but cheap textbooks for education mostly are not in USA but in developed country(like me). In my country we even don’t have iBook store yet….