In 2012, Apple Will Blur The Line Between Your iPhone And Mac Using NFC And iCloud


Photo by Feuillu -
Photo by Feuillu -

In 2012, Apple will roll out Near Field Communications technology (NFC) to their devices, allowing the iPhone 5 to finally function as an e-wallet. Big whup. Everyone’s already had that idea, even Google.

Here’s what will turn the mind-numbing technology into something that will blow your mind: NFC in the iPhone 5 will finally allow Apple to go live with their ambitious NFC-backed remote computing strategy which will totally blur the line between iOS devices and Macs.

Taiwan-based industry publication DigiTimes is reporting this morning that Apple plans to support NFC next year, probably as part of a new iPhone and updated iOS. While this could boost the number of handsets offering the technology from 10 percent to more than 50 percent over the next two or three years, what’s potentially more exciting is the potential for swapping data between your iOS device and your Mac with just the wave of your hand.

As we exclusively reported a year ago, e-wallets on the iPhone would only be the start for the short-range wireless connection technique. Apple is also laying the groundwork for an ambitious remote computing strategy started under Steve Jobs before his death.

Here’s how it would work, thanks to the enormous storage now available through iCloud. You’re getting ready to leave work. Wave your iPhone in front of your cubicle’s Mac, and your desktop’s applications, settings and data are transferred to the phone. As you walk out the door, the work computer’s settings return to normal. Arrive at home, wave your iPhone in front of your MacBook, and you have an instant copy of your work PC to finish that project.

In essence, you can carry your PC in your pocket and the line between devices blurs to the point of vanishing. Yep. E-wallets are coming to your iPhone next year  — but that’s just the start. Pretty soon, the iPhone in your pocket won’t be just a smartphone, it’ll be your Mac and your credit card, too.

  • __a_b


  • FriarNurgle

    Cubicle’s Mac… hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *cough* hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • prof_peabody

    this is waaay over the top.  my desktops’s “applications, settings and data” comprise 40 GB of stuff.  it isn’t going to jump on the phone with a wave of my hand.  

    also, apple already has a solution for “documents anywhere.”  it’s called iCloud.  

    what would transferring your desktop wallpaper to your phone add to that?  

  • Seth Chapman

    That’s the one thing I wish our office had the most….but then our IT department might only be 20% of its current size. Oh, the horror.

  • zeiche

    Here we go again with reporting totally baseless rumors as news. It is interesting how Ed tried to legitimize the re-hashed trash by pointing out Cult of Mac lied to their readers about this a year ago.

  • Sdreed91

    Why does CoM always post these very hard to believe articles as hard fact. But make posts that many other sites feel are legit as “rumor”. This article is very unrealistic. It’s would take a lot more than a wave of my hand to do everything described in this article.

  • MacGoo

    How do intelligent people like Ed continue to cling to the idea that there will be an iPhone 5? LET IT GO. The 4s IS the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4G will have NFC. Since the iPhone 5 (4s) is already released without said NFC chip, it’s hardly likely that it will get it in the future.

  • MacHead84

    I cant wait for all my credit card information to be on my phone! Its the safest thing Ive ever heard of!

  • Guest

    No need for me to worry; I don’t bring my work home :)

  • gareth edwards

    I’m not at all interested in wallet phones. I know there will be a segment of the market that will like the simplicity of carrying less stuff but for me the last thing I want to experience is getting to a till and finding out my wallet is out of juice. I’ll stick with the folding stuff and cards thanks. But, the gesture based NFC for the comms between phone and desktop/laptop etc sounds interesting as a concept. As with everything though, it comes down to implementation and ease of use. We’ll see if and when.

  • SolarSaves

    C’mon Peabody and everyone else, think outside of the box. With the wave of the NFC enabled iPhone (whether it is a iPhone 5 or 4g or whatever – get over the naming convention for whatever the next iPhone will be actually titled) near your NFC enabled Mac, the software will automatically prepare your current work documents and sync with iCoud, and a link to the iPhone. When you get home and wave the iPhone at your home Mac with NFC the OS will understand to sync with the work you left on your work iMac (because you have previously set things up to know 1. your work Mac, 2. Your iPhone (or iDevice) and 3. Your home Mac).
    Ed, as is often the case, doesn’t get it quite right, though. (For a “veteran technology journalist”, his articles seems very amateurish at times)

    They are not going to transfer all the applications (“40 GB of stuff”) that you are using onto your iPhone. It will all be linked to your various Macs and iPhones/iDevices through iCloud. The applications, files, etc stay on the original computing device, backed up and synced through iCloud and made available to your other Macs and iDevices that are registered to your account in iCloud. 

    And once this capability is in the OS, it would be possible to create devices or dongles with NFC chip that could attach to older iDevices and older Macs that would add the NFC capabilities.

  • zeiche

    Ed didn’t get ANY of it right. CoM trotted out this lie a year ago and it still isn’t true.

  • volodoscope

    That actually sounds very Apple-esk. This will drive sales of Macs even more. I love how Apple is always a step ahead with their strategies.

  • djgrahamj

    NFC isn’t needed for digital payments or syncing phones and computers. NFC doesn’t transfer anything but an ID. Why does everyone think we can’t already do all of this without NFC?
    We can.

  • Chris

    iCloud is actually supposed to do just that

  • Bpcarroll22

    Uh, with iCloud, you don’t even have to wave your iPhone to get all your work, it’s already there. Why bother? Apple can be so stupid. 

  • Bpcarroll22

    SolarSaves, I didn’t know Apple was coming out with a new product! Thanks for telling me about iCoud!

    Learn to spell check.

  • SolarSaves

    Sorry @guest, but I didn’t find the Spell Check option in this Make A Comment window… Sorry I missed one “L” in my whole response…

    Learn to get a life…

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