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In 2012, Apple Will Blur The Line Between Your iPhone And Mac Using NFC And iCloud


Photo by Feuillu -
Photo by Feuillu -

In 2012, Apple will roll out Near Field Communications technology (NFC) to their devices, allowing the iPhone 5 to finally function as an e-wallet. Big whup. Everyone’s already had that idea, even Google.

Here’s what will turn the mind-numbing technology into something that will blow your mind: NFC in the iPhone 5 will finally allow Apple to go live with their ambitious NFC-backed remote computing strategy which will totally blur the line between iOS devices and Macs.

Taiwan-based industry publication DigiTimes is reporting this morning that Apple plans to support NFC next year, probably as part of a new iPhone and updated iOS. While this could boost the number of handsets offering the technology from 10 percent to more than 50 percent over the next two or three years, what’s potentially more exciting is the potential for swapping data between your iOS device and your Mac with just the wave of your hand.

As we exclusively reported a year ago, e-wallets on the iPhone would only be the start for the short-range wireless connection technique. Apple is also laying the groundwork for an ambitious remote computing strategy started under Steve Jobs before his death.

Here’s how it would work, thanks to the enormous storage now available through iCloud. You’re getting ready to leave work. Wave your iPhone in front of your cubicle’s Mac, and your desktop’s applications, settings and data are transferred to the phone. As you walk out the door, the work computer’s settings return to normal. Arrive at home, wave your iPhone in front of your MacBook, and you have an instant copy of your work PC to finish that project.

In essence, you can carry your PC in your pocket and the line between devices blurs to the point of vanishing. Yep. E-wallets are coming to your iPhone next year  — but that’s just the start. Pretty soon, the iPhone in your pocket won’t be just a smartphone, it’ll be your Mac and your credit card, too.