Occupy Flash: Let’s Kill Flash Once And For All Because HTML5 Is The 99%


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Forget Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Boston and all the rest of the 995 protests. The Occupy movement is now coming to your browser, but not how you’d expect: they want to eliminate Adobe Flash from all web browsers.

The movement is called Occupy Flash, and it was started by a handful of indie web developers who want to get people to finally uninstall the Flash plug-in from their computers and instead bask in the serene glow of HTML5.

According to Occupy Flash, Flash is buggy, constantly crashes, requires an incessant stream of security updates and doesn’t work on most mobile devices. They say that HTML5 has “clearly won the fight for the future of our web browsing.”

What’s the connection to OWS? As Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe points out, “HTML is the 99%.”

In general, I’m with these guys. On the devices I own that don’t run Flash (my iPad and MacBook Air), my browsing experience is just so much more pleasant. I’m not constantly being assaulted by loud, blaring pop-up ads.

That said, I think the Occupy Flash guys are throwing an organized protest over what is, in fact, already a victory for HTML5. No reason to militarize this: with Adobe already backing out of mobile and concentrating on HTML5, the battle’s basically won. Mobile is the clear and obvious future of computing, and if Flash can’t keep up on mobile, then it won’t survive on the desktop, either.

[via CNN]

  • nmz502

    Ugh! Why do they keep fighting!

    JUST STOP!! 

    Flash is better for games, HTML5 is better for simpler things.

  • Merrick Brewer

    Can HTML5 really do ALL the things that flash can do? Can everybody take advantage of all the new features that HTML5 is offering (IE6 anyone?). Can even the latest versions of the top browsers all behave and display content consistently? 

    So that’ll be a no then.

    Maybe stop bickering at each other, and work and develop together? 

  • Andy

    very well written and well put. couldn’t agree more. Flash is dying. Mobile is the future of computing. If they can’t handle that, then what’s the point?

  • Phil


  • volodoscope

    HA! This is awesome! I love how creative this whole thing got. Fully support it.

  • volodoscope

    Games? I don’t think I’ve ever played a Flash game and was like “OMG this is amazing,” plus who wants to play games with mouse and keyboard in 2011?

  • csman

    LOL That is not totally accurate. Flash is easily the 99% and is installed in almost every single user desktop computer in the world. We know flash kills battery life and it’s not good for our sanity, but html5 still has a long way to go before outperforming it in functionality.

  • miguel_a

    I’d love to join the cause, but as a die-hard fan of the NFL, I need the damn flash.

  • Srose428

    Bout time Flash got killed off, such a cumbersome system.  Security issues, performance, compatibility; another huge thank you to Steve Jobs for his commitment to a better computing future. 

  • MacHead84

    Exactly Flash is the 99% not HTML5. 

  • MacGoo

    An uninformed and biased article – what else is new though? Flash’s install base is enormous, and just because they are pulling out of mobile doesn’t mean the desktop presence is going ANYWHERE. Flash is not just in browsers, but also in a nice little cross-platform piece of software called AIR.

    Flash adds are the annoying part of the platform, but there are games, video players, audio players, websites and more that are USEFUL parts of Flash. What I don’t understand is why there can’t be both – why does Flash have to lose for HTML 5 to win? There’s room for both in the space, and indeed each contribute its own unique benefits.

    Occupy Flash is just another excuse for these guys to capitalize upon well-publicized angst to promote a stance they’ve had all along. I may very well start an “Occupy Socks with Sandals” movement – the time seems to be ripe.

  • Ayoopdog

    people still play flash games?

  • Canado

    Let’s say flash is no more, well all the banners will be in HTML5. 

    So it will be even worse for ipad and iphone owners.

    Just saying

  • warrengonline

    Who what!?!?!  You know what!!??


    Now with that….  Those who survived…  Why kill Flash?  Animators use it, game makers use it, web devs use it.  Photon App allows it on iOS devices.  Can you please welcome Harmony into the situation?

  • warrengonline

    Security issues, I agree with, but c’mon.  Flash has been here since….  Macromedia.  ToonBoom even arose.  Steve is moving us forward yes.  But just like Javascript, PHP is best coupled with MySQL.  My point, it still works, not that flash is the best, but it works.

    I’ll always have a spot in my heart for flash, even if it is gone in 20 years, but I’ll be close to death’s door by then.

    HTML5 is still a baby, but it’ll grow and takes its place on the web soon.

    But to turn the power out before you move….  That is a no-no.  Patience.

  • Goldie20

    I don’t think John Brownlee even exists. I’m more inclined to believe that the entity known as John Brownlee is just an Apple pablum spewing bot.

  • MehOK

    Flash games are built mostly by independent developers working in teams of three or less. It is used a lot as a proving ground for games.. if it can succeed in the viral market, then it has a shot for other forms of distribution. There are some very good flash games out there, as well as some bad ones. Go, play some, they are pretty fun!

    As far as “OMG Amazing!!” games, well, I could say say the same thing about iOS games compared to PC or console games. Great for casual gaming, really subpar for immersive games with a broad scope.

    Who plays with a mouse and keyboard? Well, anyone who actually games. Let me know when VR happens and that might change.

    As is obvious now, Steve Jobs was correct about Flash on mobile, but that has nothing to do with desk/laptops. Without Flash, pop-ups & stupid animated ads will now be in html5 masked javascript and viral games will be even worse due to the clunkiness of making games in html5. Unless Unity can gain traction, then that’s different.

    BTW, I use all Apple devices and really like them. I’m an Apple fan, not an Apple fanboi.

  • heeloliver

    lol html5 is the 99% i think fucking not. this is pathetic, really. I don’t really care what will happen, but such silly ‘facts’ to feed the AppleSheep is pathetic. 

  • brandon

    Even the MLB gets it right.

  • SbMobile

    HTML5 is clearly NOT the 99%, but I’ve had an iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad & MacBook Pro for years & don’t miss flash one bit! Flash is a REAL resource hog on my Mac. The fan is always working “overtime”. But, since I’ve installed “ClickToFlash”, I’ve had a much better UX with my MBP. HTML5 is the best to view video with on mobile devices. The mobile devices that I’ve used with the latest version of flash are really “clunky”. Scrolling, pinching & zooming, plus video-playback speeds are all laggy & buggy, with a lot of “hiccups”!! It doesn’t take a “rocket-scientist” to notice any of these problems with the mobile flash plug-in. Flash has been dead for a few years, it just took Adobe a few years to realize it themselves!

  • matthewfabb

    OccupyHTML: The movement to rid the world of HTML purism:
    Both HTML and Flash have it’s strengths and weaknesses, developers should use the best tool for the job at hand. Even Google that is a big supporter of HTML5 realizes this. Google Music that they just launched used Adobe Flash, as the HTML5 audio is really quite buggy across browsers and still needs work. Google also used Flash for their Android Market movie rentals, since their is no DRM available in HTML5 video.Right tool for the right job.

  • Kendall Tawes

    Well I agree the messaging is a bit off but you can’t deny HTML5 is the future. Even IE supports it. IE, the web browser your grandmother uses because it has “Internet” in the title.

  • Howie Isaacks

    Great idea but a stupid name.  I don’t think that anyone should want to be connected in any way whatsoever with all of those worthless bums protesting our free market capitalist system.

  • nmz502

    Surprise Surprise, YES! I’d know, I actually know people in the industry.

  • nmz502

    A lot of people do. 

  • MacGoo

    So you look at my name and get that I’m a Flash fanboy? I’m still trying to figure out that one…my username is meant to promote platform agnosticism. See the combination of “Mac” and “Google” there? Yeah.

    I’m not claiming Flash doesn’t have its flaws. But I’d like to see HTML5 apps with the capabilities of an expertly coded AS3 Flash application. I’ll save you the time searching: they don’t exist.

  • David Stewart

    Yeah… maybe this should be called “Desert Flash.” The effort is to leave Flash behind, not take it over and force it to do someone’s random and inchoate and ignorant bidding. (I mean, just to summarize OWS.)