Massively Successful Ticket to Ride Hops Onto The iPhone



Ticket to Ride began as a hugely successful, massively award-winning board game, then jumped to the iPad and rocked the gaming world all over again as a shining example of what a board game should be on the iPad. Today, it’s set to take the mobile gaming world by storm again as it emerges on the iPhone — and it’s going to go through the roof.

If you haven’t played Ticket to Ride yet, it’s a very simple, yet very addictive, strategy game played with cards, a board and tokens, for 2-5 players; there’s also a solo option — but like any great game, the real fun is playing against human adversaries.

Like its bigger iPad-dwelling brother, the iPhone version is very well designed and produced; incredibly, developer Days of Wonder (who also designed the original board game) managed to cram an entire board game into an iPhone — complete with atmosphere and easy playability. And the kicker? It’s only a buck.

The only reason for a frowny-face is the lack of online play, a feature that helps make the iPad version as awesome as it is. On the other hand, the iPhone version (and just-released iPad update) supports both wifi and Bluetooth connections for playing friends within range.

Days of Wonder is clearly dreaming pretty big: Check out the slick movie theater ad above they made for the iPad version.

  • Cantgetitoplay

    I’m wondering if anyone else can’t get these videos to play on their iPhone 4s? Any suggestions, is it because I’m not connected to WiFi?