Oh Goody. Google’s Gmail App For iOS Is Back, This Time Mostly Functional


  • djrobsd

    Oh goody, the hate for Google continues to show its true colors on Cultofmac.

  • Duckbrush

    Yeah, it’s hard to believe that much effor went into creating a stable app. Scrolling is choppy and only using one account is stupid. However, the search feature is better than the native app, so I’ll let it hang around on my iPhone for a while.

  • RudyHooks

    It’s not in the app store yet

  • dcj001

    Did you click on the underlined link in the article that says “it is now back” ???

  • Steve LeVine

    Installed earlier today. Honestly- I’ve seen better BETA apps from startups!

  • Sam Parmenter

    Well, that or its not a very polished app that you would expect from a company like google. Depends on whether you are capable of be objective which you obviously aren’t otherwise you might have realised that most people don’t care what company software comes from.

    I love google but this is not a great app.

  • prof_peabody

    Well I hate Google, but the reason I hate them is their poorly designed apps and other software.  So “djrobsd” … sometimes the hate is justified.  

    Google generally makes pretty crap software IMO.  

  • Sam Parmenter

    I think that this is something that google are starting to address though. They have taken a very scattershot approach to the company and what it produces and releases. They throw everything at the wall and see what sticks such as gmail, google docs etc.

    I’m sure that I read somewhere that steve jobs spoke to one of the top people at google and said that they need to figure out what they want to do and do it better.

    Android is starting to look a bit better and I really like the gmail layout now but they still have a lot to learn about UX and UI.

  • bondr006


  • MacGoo

    On CoM, this is an obvious like-bait post. You telling me you don’t use Gmail, Prof?