iPhone 4S Is Now In Apple’s Inventory System, iPod Touch Price Drops Incoming [Report]



According to 9to5Mac, the next iPhone isn’t just popping up in AT&T’s inventory system: it’s in Apple’s too, and it’s confirmed to pack a dual-core A5 SoC.

In addition, the packaging number seemingly confirms the MD239F/A barcode leak of earlier today, with the model number for the 32GB unit being MD234.

9to5Mac also notes something we missed when we posted the barcode earlier today: the IMEI and MEID being together on the iPhone 4S label confirms that the next iPhone is a world phone and can run on GSM+CDMA at the same time.

So it looks pretty much confirmed: the next iPhone is called the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5, and so it’s likely not a radical redesign over current models.

Finally, 9to5Mac says that the iPod Touch is likely to see a small price drop next week to at least $199 for the 8GB model to be able to better compete with the new Kindle Fire, down from a $229 price point.

  • rick_wayne

    Does anyone believe that Apple is using misdirection here?  Put the iPhone 4S in their inventory, lower our expectations.  Surprise! iPhone 5!

    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking… 

  • dusteallen

    I really hope this isn’t all there is to announce on Tuesday in terms of the iPhone? That’d be extremely disappointing. “Oh yay, look… a 16 month old phone that we put a couple updates to.” Lame.

  • reg park

    Well – it looks like it is going to be the 4S – if there was an iPhone 5 – you would have been able to tell by the invite….
    Now if they add the A5 – 1G memory – expand the screen to an edge to edge style – maybe 85% of those who plan to buy the phone will be happy – It is just us geeks who want a new body style who are going to be disappointed – all the goodies, plus iOS 5 – should be enough for most.

  • Figurative

    How would you have been able to tell it was going to be an iPhone 5 from the invite?  They could still announce a iPhone 5 as well.  There’s no way of knowing without more info or the actual event.

  • Craig Storm

    Pretty sure Apple is screwing with us. There will be an iPhone 5, and a iPhone 4S. They did not wait 16 months for a A5 processor and 8 mp camera. 

  • Bunnytrifecta

    They did, and they will. 

    Think with your head, not with your heart. The iPhone 4S will be the only new iPhone offering this year. Too much proof now to dispute. Strap it on and wait until 2013 for the 5. (I might consider doing this.)

  • Bunnytrifecta

    I seriously don’t think they care. The iPhone 4 is still selling like hot cakes. Slap some incremental updates in the thing, couple it with iOS 5, and bam…you have a phone that will STILL sell like hot cakes.

  • Bunnytrifecta


  • MacGoo

    I’m still at a loss for how proof of one phone is disproof of another. Just because the iPhone 4s is in inventory and the iPhone 5 isn’t doesn’t eliminate the later. If that were the case, there would never be a “one more thing” or any other hardware surprises at keynotes. This article is link bait and little else.

  • Luxlamf

    I agree, I waited (with my STILL iPhone 3G) for the White iPhone to be delivered only to see that take so long that talks of the 5 had already been started in my brain. Now I wait another year with this 3G and the rumours are no 5 but a modified 4? Not happy.

  • FriarNurgle

    iPhone 5… I want to believe 

  • Aj Tk427

    Yah tend to agree, I mean they’d be fried everywhere for such a mediocre update in their phone.  Worse, they’d be putting themselves at a lot of risk of losing customers who would go over to android or WP7.  I’m still holding out hope since it’s time for an upgrade :)

  • bppump911

    Hold the phone (pardon the lame pun).  What is “lame” about a new processor, the ne iOS 5 operating system, global capability, a camera that competes with actual cameras and iCloud?  What were people expecting in the new iPhone?  If the only shortcoming relates to 4G (LTE or otherwise), I don’t view that as a major defect (and I doubt that many consumers will either).
    If you are disappointed by the nomenclature, so be it.  But I am honestly open to hearing what folks who are anticipating disappointment were expecting from Apple.  Perhaps those folks were “expecting the unexpected,” but I don’t know what that means.

  • Sevan Grim

    as i keep pointing out, there have really only been two iphones. The 3g only added a accelerometer and 3g functionality, and the 3gs was faster with a proper camera. There were no major upgrades in either of those. It technically took 3 years to get the iphone4, and the other two were just slight alterations to the original.
     this is exactly what they did with the 3g/3gs. This is apples business model. and i find it hilarious that people think apple is actually producing something completely different and new each year.

  • Sevan Grim

    there has been tons of proof and actual business-wise speculation (not fanboy speculation, but stuff that actually makes sense from a company standpoint) suggesting the 4s. There is NO proof or reason for the Iphone 5.

  • Dave

    Faster processor, more RAM, better camera, wrapped inside a comfortable to hold package with a killer sharp and bright display.  You guys can sit on the sideline complain.  This 3Gs owner is excited about the improvements and ready for the upgrade…

  • bppump911


  • Lennoxbradley23

    I have the iPhone 4 I don’t want the iPhone 4S

  • Ian1175

    I totally agree with you! The iphone 4 is still a cut above the competition design wise ! Maybe a larger screen would be nice but the actual design of the phone is well above the competition and the build quality is second to non.
    So for me if they do only upgrade the insides of the phone and leave the outside untouched i don’t think thats such a bad thing really.

  • Tron Caldwell

    I don’t see why you’re complaining even an iPhone 4 would be a huge update from the 3G you’re currently using. I mean that thing barely supports iOS 4, so an upgraded iPhone 4 should be a god send for you! I guess people need something to be pessimistic about though

  • erfon elijah

    I see why you’re complaining!  I was waiting for the white iPhone 4 too because apple kept promising it.  I qualified for an upgrade last january.  Then i decided to wait for the next iPhone because we all expected apple to release a new iPhone in JUNE.    

    Now here I am, almost a year after my initial upgrade date.  If they release a “tweaked” iPhone 4S I just wasted 8 months waiting when I could have just been using the iPhone 4.

  • erfon elijah

    What people who make the “why would apple change anything iPhone 4 sells like hotcakes” argument don’t get is this is APPLE.  They are progressive.  They don’t try to keep selling the same crap cause it sells.  They are all about killing off popular products with even better ones to wow people and increase they’re brand value.  It’s not in their nature to just “tweak,”, this isn’t DELL it’s APPLE.

  • blueleaves

    4S – today’s iPhone with a few enhancements and certainly a cheaper price.

    5 – tomorrow’s iPhone with the Siri assistant, faster processor, more memory and surely a thinner form factor.

  • Figurative

    Except for the million or so molded cases sitting in Shenzen warehouses.

  • Jon

    Hey, I got an idea! Why don’t we wait and see.

  • Eric

    I would like to think with apple’s secrecy that they would be smart enough not to already be putting the iphone into inventory…

    I hope this is a trick

  • Eric

    Unless its due for release soon. Then it wouldn’t matter.

  • Eric

    Personally, I don’t care about a new design. It’s whats inside that matters. And from what I’ve read, the 4S and 5 are the same hardware. The look is the only difference. So even if the 5 comes out next year, I’m still getting the 4S. Dual processor and 8MP camera!

  • John Branham

    The iPhone 4S comes up in the inventory because it’s not a big secret. the 5 doesn’t because they are CAREFUL :)

  • John Branham

    spot on. my thoughts as well.

  • dnyank1


    The iPhone 1 and 3g were exactly the same. new baseband which had 3g. yay.. thats it.

    The 3gs and 4 are the same, save for clock speed and design. The 3gs introduced a new ARM series, the same one in a4, and there are 2 of em in an a5 chip.

     the iPhone 3g+3gs share a design.. because apple was so busy upgrading the internals. so it goes (REVOLUTION) (evolution) (REVOLUTION) (evolution) so we’re due for a (REVOLUTION)-ary upgrade. but every (REVOLUTION)-ary upgrade in terms of hardware, so far has been an evolutionary (I’m not doing all caps again :P) upgrade in terms of design.

  • Bunnytrifecta

    Yeah, cases for a soon-to-be-announced new iPod Touch.

  • Bunnytrifecta

    Yeah, but after 16 months, I don’t think there’s as much excitement for the same exact iPhone 4 design. I think since the iPhone 4 has been out for almost 2 yrs, people kind of expect a design refresh.

  • Bunnytrifecta

    I do get Apple. What you fail to realize is that at the end of the day, it is still a business. Please don’t try to put Apple in a “holier than DELL” category. After all, they are still out to make money. Apple is certainly progressive, but they’re not out to satisfy all of our tech blog, geeky whims.

    Sorry to disappoint, but I think you’ll be changing your tune come next Tuesday.

  • Freerider

    Are you kidding me? Apple is a business at the beginning and the end of the day. But, the difference is that they are the most innovative tech company in the world. This release will not be another “3G” or “S” type upgrade. Apple could have turned out something like that in no time. With a market cap of 362.09 Billion Apple as a company stomps Dell. Dell sucks. Remember that! 

  • Seneca Wallace

    Of course DELL sucks.

    Don’t coming crying next Tues when Apple releases a weak-ass iPhone 4S. Ha ha ha chump.

  • Sgt_Pepper

    The iPhone 4 uses a completely different SOC to the 3GS – the A4 has little in common with the wholesale SOC they used in previous models. Additionally, the iPhone 4 added a digital gyroscope, completely different camera, and a new antenna system. Please stop spreading incorrect information.

  • Sgt_Pepper

    I really doubt it. I know Cult of Mac love running with a vague rumour, and using small amounts of evidence to jump to huge collisions (“there’s no cacti in my garden, so they must be extinct!”), but this just doesn’t make sense.

    They’re the only tech blog claiming this. Far more reputable sources, including numerous analysts, Engadget, the NY Times and Wall Street Journal, expect two iPhones. One of them is a speed-bump or re-branding of the iPhone 4, which is in line with what Apple have done every other year (they kept the iPhone 3GS around last year as a budget option, and the iPhone 3G the year before).

    Sorry, but what is allegedly in one US telecom’s inventory system is no where near proof nor is it substantial enough to refute claims by publications Apple’s people actually do talk to.

  • Figurative

    Then whyare there iPhone 5 cases at AT&T stores?

  • SevanGrim

    AT&T knows as much as we do. They know that they are getting a phone… but they have no idea what it looks like. For all we know, the 4s will have that design. Which means for all they know…

  • SevanGrim

    tada! right i be! People need to pay more attention to the fact that Apple is a business when they make their speculations…