Apple: Did We Drop Your Favorite MobileMe Feature From iCloud? Just Ask For It Back


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Are you still annoyed that your favorite MobileMe feature won’t be transferring over to iCloud? What will you do with all those files you have stored on your iDisk? How will you sync System Preferences between your Macs? Well, if you ask Apple nicely (and you get all your friends and family to ask, too), you might just get those features back.

One MobileMe subscriber is so unhappy that his favorite features are missing from iCloud that he emailed Tim Cook to complain. “Specifically, I bemoaned the loss of sync services (syncing application preferences, keychain, etc.) and the loss of iDisk,” he told AppleInsider.

To his surprise, he got a call back from the Apple camp in Cupertino. While the company would has no plans to reintroduce these forgotten features anytime soon, Tim’s people say “Apple is open to it if there’s enough feedback on the subject.”

So, if you’re really bummed that you can no longer publish your iWeb website to MobileMe, tell all your friends to tell all their friends’ friends to tell Apple about it — you might just get it back.

  • m_hardwick

    Glad to see the back of iWeb, but preference and keychain sync would be lovely.

  • Rui Pedro

    i really really really hope apple don’t kill MM photo gallery.. its awesome and it’s integrated on macs and iOS devices!! All i need!

    i hate picasa,flickr is so ugly.. and i don’t have Facebook. anyway, none of those are well integrated on apple devices, like MM galleries are.

  • J. Eric Dimacali

    I am already contemplating where the hell I will store all my docs – I use iDisk a lot and it accounts for about 11GB of space on my Family Plan.  So how do we send a direct email to Mr. Cook??

  • Steven Watson

    This is going to be a painful transition. Yes, what is Mr Cook’s email??

  • Duane Martin

    Great call to arms! Let’s go team! Let Apple know how we feel! If we all work together and send an e-mail to….

    Oh, there is no contact link or even a suggestion as where we should send our comments in this blog. Unfortunate.

  • Ictus75

    iweb iweb iweb iweb iweb – keep it, improve it, host it

  • Hilton979

    They need to find a way to keep Gallery.  Photostream won’t cut it.  

  • David Bailie

    Galleries, galleries, galleries. There’s nothing that I can find that is as nice or as easy to use and I shall miss them dearly.

  • CharliK

    As I recall mr cook’s email is

    Keep in mind that Tim is a numbers guy. So if you want his attention, you have to give him a logical business reason for whatever you want. Why should Apple bring back iDisk, why should they create a (better) blogger/wordpress/etc web hosting that also supports photo hosting etc.

    And work across the lines. Why should Apple revamp iWeb and how, including a mobile version for blogging on the go

  • Blackfish

    I’ve been bemoaning the loss of Galleries as well. It’s the epitome of ‘cloud’ (as are iDisk and the sync functions of MM).
    Gallery is already part of iPhoto, and I have the iPad and iPhone app.  I was really surprised when they said they would cancel it. 
    I use Gallery to showcase family and other personal photos to friends and family.  It’s an easy thing to do in iPhoto and it creates a beautiful website without the complication of Flickr or other sites.
    There are no ads and it’s NOT a social network. So people aren’t stumbling upon my photos and leaving comments.  
    That’s what I use Flickr and Facebook for… 
    I’ve SOLD people on the Mac and Mac OS X ecosystem by sharing my photos via Gallery. They love the elegance and simplicity.
    I hope Apple reconsiders.  I’ll gladly pay for it, I already pay for MM and Flickr Pro as well.  

  • Mac

    I use iWeb for my business and I don’t want to have to figure out how to switch my domain name to yet another server. Making web sites with iWeb is a breeze and I love it. But the part about getting the domain name moved is a real pain!!! Please either help us move it, or don’t eliminate iWeb from the Apple servers. 

  • _mcat

    iDisk, I use it daily across 4 macs and would really not want to switch to DropBox (unless Apple bought it).

  • EmmaMitch5611616511


    I just got a $829.99 iPåd2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
    I use BÏDFiRsT. COM

  • macgizmo

    The file sharing capability of iDisk is all that I would miss…

  • Wilson Hardcastle

    iDisk and Gallery are essential for me.  I use iDisk across five machines and prefer it much more than Dropbox.  

    While I fear that iWeb and the Gallery are lesser-used programs I use them a lot more than I thought I would. Apple pushes iMove for its ease in making home and short movies, but video hosting sites block sharing if you have any commercial songs from iTunes playing in your video.  The Gallery lets me share videos of family and social events, complete with soundtracks, without the RIAA/YouTube getting their nickers in an automated twist claiming “Copyright violation!” in what is clearly fair use.  

  • JimRPh62

    Will FindMyPhone vanish too? How about a petition to keep MobileMe, or at least parts of it?

  • Will Swigart

    iDisk for me, love it…simple and easy to use from both Mac, Windows and even Smartphones, giving me and others access to things needed.

  • Aj

    Can someone tell us how to go about giving Apple the feedback that you are suggesting?

  • Mike

    iCloud gives you 5GB for free and you can buy additional memory cheaper then iDisk gave you.

  • Mike

    Find My iPhone is staying.

    The hole point of this discussion is what features of MobileMe to keep in iCloud knowing damn well there not going to keep everything. Pick your one or two favorite and hope.

  • Mike

    photo gallery for me!!!

  • timborama

    iWeb hosting.  I really like iWeb, it’s a great tool for it’s intended use.

  • The_BORG
  • The_BORG
  • Wtfk

    What I’d really like is my dotmac address back–the one that was guaranteed to be with me for life back when Jobs first announced the online services under a previous name (iTools, or something like that.)

  • Stuart Mottershead

    Is that going? I still use mine as my main email :(

  • Peter T. Christy

    Facebook Page to Keep MobileMe Features in iCloud:

  • Neil Anderson

    Please keep iWeb. Simple and lovely.

  • Jonshandler

    Idisk, I use it every day. What will I do with out it!

  • Gerritt VanderMeer

    BRING BACK iDISK!  for multiple mac users, there is no substitute.