Apple: Did We Drop Your Favorite MobileMe Feature From iCloud? Just Ask For It Back


Screen Shot 2011-08-02 at 09.12.10

Are you still annoyed that your favorite MobileMe feature won’t be transferring over to iCloud? What will you do with all those files you have stored on your iDisk? How will you sync System Preferences between your Macs? Well, if you ask Apple nicely (and you get all your friends and family to ask, too), you might just get those features back.

One MobileMe subscriber is so unhappy that his favorite features are missing from iCloud that he emailed Tim Cook to complain. “Specifically, I bemoaned the loss of sync services (syncing application preferences, keychain, etc.) and the loss of iDisk,” he told AppleInsider.

To his surprise, he got a call back from the Apple camp in Cupertino. While the company would has no plans to reintroduce these forgotten features anytime soon, Tim’s people say “Apple is open to it if there’s enough feedback on the subject.”

So, if you’re really bummed that you can no longer publish your iWeb website to MobileMe, tell all your friends to tell all their friends’ friends to tell Apple about it — you might just get it back.