Worried Your iWeb Blog Will Die Out With MobileMe? Upload It All to WordPress With This Handy Conversion Tool




If you’ve plowed years of hard work into maintaining an iWeb blog, you must be concerned about what will happen to your site with the impending death of MobileMe just around the corner. But thanks to this handy conversion tool from RAGE software, you can transfer it all to WordPress within minutes.

iWeb to WordPress is a $50 tool that will convert all of you iWeb blog posts — and any comments made on them — to a WordPress-friendly format for quick and easy uploading to your new site. It means you can transfer all those years of hard work over to WordPress so that the death of MobileMe doesn’t have to mean the death of your blog as well.

All you need to do is set up a WordPress site that will be the successor to your iWeb blog. Then, export your blog using the iWeb application on your Mac to a local folder. Import it to the iWeb to WordPress tool from RAGE, and sit back for a few minutes while everything is converted for you. Finally, simply login to your new WordPress site and upload all of your content.

The tool is compatible with both Intel and PowerPC based-Macs, as long as you’re running OS X 10.4 or above, with iWeb 3.0 and above.

As noted by Macsessed, $50 is a little steep when you consider iWeb to WordPress is a pretty simple tool that you’ll probably only ever use once. However, ensuring your precious content can live on under WordPress surely makes it all worth it.

[via Macsessed]