Apple’s new machine learning blog underlines its focus on AI


Machine learning
Apple is in the blogging business.
Photo: Apple

For a long time, Apple segregated itself from the rest of the artificial intelligence community, refusing to attend conferences, or to let its researchers publish their work in existing journals.

Today, Apple got around this second problem in the most Apple way possible: by launching a machine learning journal of its own.



YouTube To Get Offline Viewing On Android & iOS



YouTube has today announced that you will soon be able to download videos and watch them offline on your mobile devices. You won’t be able to hold onto them forever, but YouTube says users will be able to “add videos to their device to watch for a short period when an Internet connection is unavailable.”

Give Any Website Or Blog A Professional Touch With Picturesque [Deals]


CoM - Picturesque

It’s almost 2013. High-quality web and blog design are no longer a luxury – they’re a necessity.

Picturesque is an awesome little app – and the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer. This app will improve any web design by adding some serious sizzle to your images. Drag and drop images onto Picturesque & choose from 5 tasteful effects. It’s that easy. And it’s only $5 for a limited time!


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CandyBar From Panic Gets Mountain Lion Support, Goes Free Due To Uncertain Future


CandyBar is now free, but its days may be numbered.
CandyBar for Mac is now free, but its days may be numbered.

Panic’s terrific CandyBar tool has just been updated to support OS X Mountain Lion, and if you don’t already own it, you can now pick it up for free. Panic will no longer be charging for the app because of the new restrictions Apple has introduced to Mac OS X, which means CandyBar’s future is now unclear.

How Apple Threw Away The Opportunity To Launch A Facebook For Businesses


Apple's wiki server could have been a major social network option for businesses
Apple's wiki server could have been a major social network option for businesses


Microsoft confirmed yesterday that it plans to purchase Yammer, a four-year old company that specializes in providing enterprise social networks. The move, which has been rumored for months, offers Microsoft a chance to develop business collaborative systems that go well beyond the company’s Sharepoint service.

The move is an interesting one that could be significant in the enterprise space. The success of public social networks has led a number of organizations to attempt to bring the social concept into the workplace. The rate of success has varied with NASA’s Spacebook project being one of the more notable failures (and one lampooned by Stephen Colbert).

Worried Your iWeb Blog Will Die Out With MobileMe? Upload It All to WordPress With This Handy Conversion Tool




If you’ve plowed years of hard work into maintaining an iWeb blog, you must be concerned about what will happen to your site with the impending death of MobileMe just around the corner. But thanks to this handy conversion tool from RAGE software, you can transfer it all to WordPress within minutes.