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Your fave apps will soon hail an Uber for you


Today Uber announced its official API, which means you’re going to start seeing a lot of apps integrating with the popular ride-summoning service.

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Ride with strangers on Lyft and Uber to save money


Services like Lyft and Uber made summoning a ride with your iPhone a reality, and now they’re going to make sharing that ride even easier.

Both startups have announced new features that will make rides cheaper, providing that you’re willing to share a car with total strangers.

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Uber speeds off with senior Apple Maps engineer

Former (?) iOS Maps engineer Chris Blumenberg. Photo: Chris Blumenberg

Former (?) iOS Maps engineer Chris Blumenberg. Photo: Chris Blumenberg

Uber has just poached one of Apple’s senior engineering manager, who worked on both the company’s Maps app and its iPhone software, says subscription website The Information.

The senior iOS engineer in question, Chris Blumenberg, was among the first engineers to work on the iPhone’s software — joining Apple in 2000 initially to help Microsoft port Internet Explorer and Office over to Mac OS X.

The Information editor Jessica Lessin claims that three sources familiar with Blumenberg’s jump to Uber confirmed the situation with her.

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Uber drivers make way more money than you think


For those with access to its mobile app, Uber is quickly becoming the preferred method of transportation over traditional taxis.

It’s a lot easier to summon a ride with a tap on your iPhone screen than hailing down a cab on the side of the street. For drivers, Uber is proving to be not only easier, but incredibly lucrative.

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Lyft Is Your Friend With A Car [Deals]


Forged in the fires of Silicon Valley and backed by venture capital power players comes Lyft® – a service revolutionizing public transport. You request a ride through the free iOS or Android app, then watch on a real-time map as your driver approaches.

Lyft drivers are friendly, always available, and cheaper than a cab – why would you ever take a taxi again? And right now Cult of Mac Deals has $30 of Lyft credit available for just $10, meaning you’ll save even more money.

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Uber Passenger “Physically & Verbally Assaulted” By Driver


San Francisco resident and Uber user James Alva has taken to social media to complain that not only did the car and driver he ordered using the app not match the description he was given — but also that the driver became both physically and verbally abusive.

Alva summoned an UberX ride (an app which connects passengers to third-party drivers) using his iPhone after leaving a bar in the early hours of Sunday. At this point the notification on his phone told him that the driver sent would arrive in a silver Toyota Prius.

A short time later, Alva reports that a blue Prius showing a different license plate turned up — along with what he thought to be a different driver.

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Uber Adds Fare Splitting Between Passengers To Make Rides More Affordable


Uber is a popular car service that is on a mission to make taxis obsolete. It pioneered the idea of using your smartphone to summon and pay for a car, and now Uber has expanded to 35 cities and 14 countries.

Today Uber added a long-awaited feature. You can now split fares between multiple passengers with the app.

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Apple Announces Over 40 Billion App Store Downloads With Almost Half In 2012 Alone


Apple has today announced that the App Store has surpassed a whopping 40 billion downloads, with almost 20 million seen in 2012 alone. A record-breaking December, helped by another successful Christmas, boosted this year’s figures, with more than two billion downloads during the month.

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Uber 2.0 For iPhone Goes Live With Complete Redesign, Ride Fare Estimates, iPhone 5 Support, And More

Uber 2.0 For iPhone Goes Live With Complete Redesign, Ride Fare Estimates, iPhone 5 Support, And More

Uber is a really great service, but the iPhone app has always sucked. It has been a real shame because Uber made me never want to take a taxi again. I’ve been wanting the app itself, which is arguably the crux of the whole experience, to be on par with the great driving experiences I’ve had in Uber cars.

Today Uber 2.0 went live in the App Store, and it just took everything to the next level. Not only does the app have a gorgeous new design, but you can finally get fare estimates before you book a ride. There’s also iPhone 5 support and plenty of other goodies.

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