Teen gang steals $13,000 worth of iPhones from the Apple store


iPhones are easy to sell, which makes them a big target for thieves.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s latest iPhones sell like hot cakes, which makes them a big target for thieves looking to make a quick buck. One teenage gang stole 19 display units worth over $13,000 from the Apple store in Natick Mall this week — and the “flash mob” robbery took less than a minute.

Student’s iPhone stops a bullet in campus armed robbery


Not the iPhone in question, but probably not far off.
Photo: Digital Trends

Chances are that when you hear about an iPhone saving someone’s life it’s by letting them call emergency services at a crucial time, or maybe alerting them of a potential medical disaster.

During a recent armed robbery, however, iPhones demonstrated another use: saving a Fresno State student from a potentially life-altering shooting by stopping a bullet in its tracks.

Masked Robbers With Guns Storm Paris Apple Store In $1.3M Heist



Apple’s retail store in Paris was targeted by armed robbers on New Year’s Eve, who managed to bag an estimated $1.25 million worth of goods. The attack took place at 9 p.m. local time on Monday, around three hours after the store had closed, Paris police confirmed. Although no Apple staff were on the premises, a security guard and a cleaner were in the store.

Find My iPhone Wins Again As Stolen iPhone Leads Police To Four Armed Robbers


Find my iPhone is a useful feature, but people should contact the police if they fear for their safety.
Find my iPhone is a useful feature, but people should contact the police if they fear for their safety.
Photo: Apple

Dear Theives. We’ve been over this like a thousand times. If you’re going to steal an iPhone, make sure you either A) Reset it, or B) Turn it off. There’s a wonderful application called Find My iPhone that’s going to lead the cops to you everytime.

Four armed robbers in Springfield Massachusetts still haven’t learned this valuable bit of information. The robbers donned their masked and rushed into an Ambis convenience store with their guns and plundered the store of its money, cigarettes, and a laptop. Then they stole an iPhone and that’s when everything went downhill.

Stolen iPhone in Houston Ends With Suspect Apprehended After Fiery Crash



According to a recent Houston Chronicle story an iPhone has once again saved the day and solved a crime. This particular iPhone was stolen from a female jogger, who was jogging with a friend, during an armed robbery that occurred in the 700 block of Brittmore on the west side of Houston, Texas.

The alleged robbers exited a pickup truck and confronted the two women according to Houston Police Department (HPD) spokesman John Cannon.  An Apple iPhone was turned over to the robbers by one of the women and fortunately neither of them was hurt.