Stolen iPhone in Houston Ends With Suspect Apprehended After Fiery Crash



According to a recent Houston Chronicle story an iPhone has once again saved the day and solved a crime. This particular iPhone was stolen from a female jogger, who was jogging with a friend, during an armed robbery that occurred in the 700 block of Brittmore on the west side of Houston, Texas.

The alleged robbers exited a pickup truck and confronted the two women according to Houston Police Department (HPD) spokesman John Cannon.  An Apple iPhone was turned over to the robbers by one of the women and fortunately neither of them was hurt.

Subsequently, the iPhone was tracked by its GPS by HPD and found to be traveling down a local roadway. Undisclosed technology (probably Apple’s Find My iPhone) was used by HPD to track the iPhone and the location of the robbers. A HPD helicopter used GPS technology to narrow down the location of the iPhone and the truck involved in the robbery.

Authorities with the Precinct 5 Constables office attempted to stop the truck described as a tan 2010 Chevrolet 1500 pickup, but the male suspect driving the truck fled and authorities pursued the vehicle which turned out to be stolen. During the pursuit the suspect driving the truck wrecked it and  it burst into flames. The suspect then fled on foot, but was apprehended shortly after.

The suspect sustained undisclosed injuries and was flown by helicopter ambulance to a Memorial Hermann Hospital for treatment. The suspects name wasn’t released nor was it determined what his involvement was in the iPhone robbery. He will more than likely face a charge of felony evading arrest in the very least according to Cannon.