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Teen gang steals $13,000 worth of iPhones from the Apple store


iPHone 7 sales
iPhones are easy to sell, which makes them a big target for thieves.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s latest iPhones sell like hot cakes, which makes them a big target for thieves looking to make a quick buck. One teenage gang stole 19 display units worth over $13,000 from the Apple store in Natick Mall this week — and the “flash mob” robbery took less than a minute.

Apple has always allowed fans to play with its products in store so that they know exactly what they’re getting before they party with their cash. The typical Apple store has dozens of iPhones on display at all times, secured only by a security cord.

Sadly, this makes them easy to steal. Natick Police Lt. Cara Rossi says that a group of seven teens was able to steal 19 iPhones in less than a minute from the Natick Mall Apple store simply by cutting the security cord.

The gang was caught on video, which you can watch below, but they were able to get away before police could catch them. They wore hoodies and hats to conceal their faces, and it’s still unclear who they are, according to CBS Boston.

Police say the thieves may be connected to a similar robbery that took place in Hingham back in September. In that case, a group of 10 to 12 thieves stole 22 iPhones and fled in a Ford Tauras that had its license plates covered up.

Believe it or not, Apple is actually doing away with those security cables in its stores, making devices like the iPhone even easier to steal. However, its new security system triggers an alarm when a customer attempts to leave the store with a display device.

It’s thought Apple will also be tracking all display devices, and that it has the ability to disable them completely — making them essentially worthless — should a customer be able to get away with one.

We’ve contacted Apple to find out whether it has the ability to track down the devices stole from the Natick Mall, and whether they can be disabled. We’ll update this post once we get a response.