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8 wild Apple rumors that turned out to be totally off the mark

iRing lets you rock mad beats using only your hands

Photo: Jim Merithew, Cult of Mac

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Sliding two distinctive iRings between my middle and ring fingers on each hand and then conducting the bouncy electronic beat coming out of my iPad mini and into my big fat headphones made me feel less like a conductor and more like an awkward boxer, punching at a touchscreen.

Once I relaxed into it, though, the music started to flow and my hands began to dance; this is one cool iOS music-making peripheral.

The iRing is made for making music, but the potential here is stunning: Imagine a video game controlled with your hands, a webpage that scrolls at a speed you define with your fingers, or an e-book that turns pages with a swipe through the air. This is a truly innovative new product.

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When it comes to music, it’s one iRing to rule them all


Photo: IK Multimedia

This probably isn’t the “iRing” you’ve been waiting for — assuming you’ve been waiting for the mythical (One) Ring, forged by the skilled elves of Logbar, that wants to control, well, pretty much everything in your life.

No, this particular ring — IK Multmedia’s iRing — won’t control your TV, your phone or your wallet. But it is imbued with the power to create music on your iDevice.

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Kickstarter Project Aims To Make iRing A Reality

Topeka Capital Markets’ report that, by now, we’d all be using finger rings to control our Apple televisions may have added up to precisely nothing (even being mocked by Tim Cook) — but one company is trying to make the so-called iRing a reality.

The company is called Logbar, and it’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an “Ring: shortcut to everything.” When paired with your mobile device, this ring will let you use gestures to send texts, control your home appliances, and carry out a variety of other tasks.

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iRing Is ‘First Motion Controller For Your Music Apps’


Remember those Topeka Capital Markets reports from last year about how, by this time, we’d all be using finger rings to control our newly launched Apple televisions?

While those predictions may not have come to fruition just yet, music technology company IK Multimedia is launching an iRing of its own that will allow people to perform specific tasks on their iOS devices using gestures.

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There Will Be “At Least” Two iPhone 5S Models In Different Sizes [Analyst]

This mockup shows what a family of different sized iPhones might look like.

This mockup shows what a family of different sized iPhones might look like.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White received some criticism last week when he revealed in a note to investors that he expects Apple’s much-anticipated television set to come with a “mini iTV” tablet and an “iRing.” But rather than going into hiding until the whole thing is forgotten about, White has revealed his predictions for the iPhone 5S.

The device will be available with “at least” two screen sizes, White claims, giving those who might switch to Android for a larger display a reason to stick with the iPhone.

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Analyst: You Won’t Control Your iTV, You’ll Finger Its ‘iRing’


Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, brings us a crazy new rumor about the much-anticipated Apple television today following recent meetings with supply chain sources in China and Taiwan.

White claims that the “iTV” will finally launch during the second half of 2013, and that it’ll come with a miniature device called the “iRing”, which the user will wear on their finger to act as a pointer. The device will enhance the motion detection experience and take over some of the functions of the traditional remote control, apparently.

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