Here’s the dongle you’ll need to make old headphones iPhone 7 ready

Who needs a headphone jack?
Photo: Tama

There’s no room for a 3.5mm headphone jack in Apple’s next-generation iPhones, according to recent leaks — but that doesn’t mean all your existing headphones are no good.

Accessory makers are already building all kinds of dongles that will make your favorite cans iPhone 7 ready.

Don’t expect your iPhone 7 to be any thinner

This tells us the iPhone 7 Plus will be no thinner than its predecessor.
Photo: LetemSvetem Applem

Some reports have claimed Apple’s next-generation iPhones will be its thinnest yet, but according to a new schematics leak, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be just as thick as the company’s latest models.

But that doesn’t mean the headphone jack is sticking around.

iPhone 7 might kill two of iPhone 6s’ worst design flaws

It's convincing, but is it real?
Photo: MacRumors

This year’s iPhone upgrade probably won’t be a spectacular one, but it could kill two of our biggest design complaints with the latest models.

An iPhone 7 dummy unit promises more discreet antenna bands that are nowhere near as ugly, and a flush camera lens. It also reignites hopes of a Smart Connector.

Don’t bid farewell to iPhone 7’s headphone jack just yet

iPhone 7 won't be cheap.
Has the rumor-mill been lying to us? Surely not!
Photo: Eric Huismann

One of the most widely-circulated rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 is that it will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of Lightning or wireless headphones.

But don’t be so certain that this is the case: a newly-published photo, reporting to be a shot of the next-gen iPhone internals, appears to show the headphone jack still hanging on despite rumors of its demise.