Searching for Mac SEO tools? Put SEO PowerSuite in your tool chest


Photo: SEO PowerSuite
SEO PowerSuite delivers an easy-to-use set of Mac SEO tools. Photo: SEO PowerSuite

This post is brought to you by SEO PowerSuite.

These days, Google is clearly heading toward delivering more helpful search results, which makes some people believe that search engine optimization has become a thing of the past. The reality is quite the opposite, though: It has never been more important to understand best SEO practices and get your hands on accurate data to maintain a stable online presence.

If you don’t want to hire professionals to fix up your site, SEO PowerSuite is your DIY alternative.

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one suite of Mac SEO tools that, according to the company, is reportedly used by every third SEO professional in the world. To find out how to use SEO PowerSuite to optimize your website, read on.

Quick and easy: How to use Google Analytics with Tumblr


Even Tumblrs need Analytics love.
Even Tumblrs need Analytics love.

So you got yourself a Tumblr blog, right? Whether you’re a newbie website runner or a veteran Tumblr owner, you’ll need to keep track of your website stats.

The best (and free) system out there to find out who visits your site and why is Google Analytics. The web stats analysis package there is the best in the business, but unless you have some sort of degree in SEO or traffic analysis, it can be pretty overwhelming.

So, for those of you that just want to get into tracking your site stats with a minimum of fuss, here’s how to get Google Analytics installed on your Tumblr blog, and a quick and easy way to set up your Analytics dashboard with the basic info.

Create Beautiful Digital Media With 1stFlip Flipbook Creator [Deals]


Print media is slowly dying out while digital is taking over by the day. This is exactly why we’ love ’re bringing you 1stFlip Flipbook Creator in our latest Cult of Mac Deals offer.

1stFlip Flipbook Creator allows you to convert PDFs into interactive pieces of content for your website. It gives you the ability to place your product in front of millions of viewers without needing to print and distribute anything. You can send readers your direct link or share your flipbook to your social networks, websites or blogs with one click. And Cult of Mac Deals has 1stFlip Flipbook Creator for only $35!

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Chrome, Weather Neue, Analytiks & More [Roundup]

Google Chrome finally came to iOS.
Google Chrome finally came to iOS.

Despite months of speculation, many doubted Google would ever bring its terrific Chrome browser to iOS. But the search giant has put an end to the rumors by finally releasing it, and it’s kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup. We also have a new weather app for those who like to keep it simple, arguably the best Google Analytics client for iOS, and more.