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Get your photographic and video lighting right every time with The KICK [Deals]

In order to take breathtaking still pictures and earth shattering video, you need to have the proper lighting conditions. No one will see your fantastic photographic subject if the room is too dark. A lack of sufficient lighting also won’t do your videos any justice.

Now you can have the right lighting every time with The KICK. The KICK is a totally new way of lighting your photos and videos to make sure you get perfect exposure every time. It’s just like having a studio in your pocket, and it’s available for just $149 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Best deals of the week: Adobe training, Loot Crate, EverDock, and more! [Deals]


Lifetime Access To Over 5,000 Adobe Authorized Training Videos

Get Lifetime Access To Over 5000 Adobe Authorized Training Videos that are designed to teach beginners to advanced users how to navigate software titles such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and more.

Plus, you get video training in related technologies such as WordPress, Javascript, and HTML5, just to name a few. The courses are updated for Creative Cloud 2014 and you can take the courses at your own pace. You can even print out your own certificate of completion at the end!

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Design killer websites with The Beginner Web Dev Hacker Bundle [Deals]

More than ever before, we are dependent on the Internet for our business and social efforts.  With that in mind, knowing how to code these days is pretty important. If you don’t know how to code you leave control of your web presence in someone else’s hands or, worse, your website just won’t measure up to that of your competition.

Take control of your web presence with The Beginner Web Dev Hacker Bundle at 86% off, just $69, from Cult of Mac Deals.

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Capture stunning aerial HD video with the DJI Phantom FC40 [Deals]

Most of us take videos from time to time. You know, the kind of videos that are taken from boring, ground based, vantage points. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the freedom to take high definition videos from any angle or elevation?

Meet the DJI Phantom FC40 drone. Using its on-board Smart Camera, you can record just about any event from one stunning perspective after another. Now, the DJI Phantom FC40 can be yours for the very low price of $499 at Cult of Mac Deals. As an added bonus, use the promo code phantom50 to get an additional $50 off, for a final price of $449!

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Learn to make awesome websites with OSTraining [Deals]

No matter what kind of business you are in, it pays to have a well constructed website. Well constructed websites are designed using content management systems like WordPress and and Drupal and consider important things like search engine optimization and web security.

For a limited time, you can learn how to design websites like a pro with OSTraining: Lifetime Training To Become An Expert Web Developer for 96% off the regular price, just $79, at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Ending soon – great deals on gear like Doxie, Duracell, iStabilizer [Deals]


Doxie One: Scan Documents Anywhere, Anytime (US)

With Doxie One, it’s easy to go to paperless. You can scan everything from bills and receipts to reports, drawings, recipes, notes, business cards, photos, and everything else. Plus, no computer is required, so you can scan from just about anywhere! Doxie One will then sync to your Mac or PC and help you organize your scans.

Pick up the Doxie One for just $99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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Become a shower singer with The Bluetooth Shower Speaker [Deals]


Who wouldn’t want to be able to listen to their favorite tunes while in the shower? The only reason we don’t already do this is because electronic devices typically don’t work well when they get soaking wet. Well, now Cult of Mac Deals has the answer to all your shower singing troubles.

Introducing The Bluetooth Shower Speaker. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled audio device and you are ready to go, and for the low price of just $39 from Cult of Mac Deals.

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Get into next-generation console gaming with The PlayStation 4 Giveaway [Deals]

The next generation of console gaming is here and the best of the bunch is the new Playstation 4. It can learn what types of games you like, lets you compare stats with friends, and post to social media sites like Facebook. With popular titles such as Battlefield 4 in its constantly expanding library, the Playstation 4 is definately the console of choice.

Now you can have a new Playstation 4 of your very own and a copy of Battlefield 4 with The PlayStation 4 Battlefield Bundle Giveaway from Cult of Mac Deals.

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Best deals of the week: OSTraining, DrivePop, EverDock, and more! [Deals]



With you OSTraining: Learn With A Lifetime of Hacking Development Training, you will get 1800 high-quality video tutorials in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP and a monthly 400 page web design book. You’d be crazy to refuse a lifetime of hacking and open source development training at the kind of value being offered here.

Purchase OSTraining: Learn With A Lifetime Of Hacking & Development Training for 96% off, just $79, at Cult of Mac Deals before it’s too late.

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Show off your geek with Loot Crate: Epic Gamer Gear in a Box [Deals]

Are you a gamer geek? It’s cool, you can admit to it. Geeks enjoy a certain amount of popularity these days and being a geek or gamer is even considered to be hip.

Let out your inner gamer geek with Loot Crate: Epic Gamer Gear in a Box (3-Month Plan) for just $48 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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