Aluminum earbuds, security cams and more hot deals from Cult of Mac [Deals]

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Fresh off the deals press, we’ve got some great new goodies for you to check out. This week, you can save big on a set of uber-tough aluminum Bluetooth earbuds, a year of access to a top online publishing platform, a lifetime of access to a virtual private network, and a feature-rich home security camera. Give these deals a gander:

Unlimited VPN, cloud backup and more in the week’s best deals at Cult of Mac [Deals]

Extra Long MFi Cable
Time to fire up the credit card for these hot deals.
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Another week, another batch of great deals. This time around we’re looking at 5 years of unlimited cloud backup, a lifetime of virtual private network access, a 10-foot long Lightning cable and a bluetooth boom box that really bumps. Take a look for more details:

Get your iPhone ready for summer tunes, pics and trips [Deals]

Get in gear with the toys of summer.
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Summer’s here, but it’ll be gone before you know it. We’ve got some great gear and gadgets to make sure you get the most juice out of your iPhone before the fall. We’ve got water-resistant earbuds, a sturdy car mount, a set of iPhone camera lenses and a proper Bluetooth boombox. Take a look, and get your iPhone summer-ready:

This Bluetooth speaker lives up to the name ‘boombox’ [Deals]

The G-BOOM is ready to rock the block.
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What ever happened to the boombox, the chunky sound blaster built to bring the noise anywhere, and built to last? With all the effete Bluetooth speakers on the market — designed to be compact and pretty — the G-BOOM does away with pretense and gets right to the point.

This thing is tough, with rubber feet, a big, dumb handle on top that begs you to take the G-BOOM with you, and a sturdy build with plenty of space for the speaker’s powerful sound driver. Of course it also packs in all the nifty wireless features you’d ever want. It’s a modern take on the classic boombox that’s just $79.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Get 5 years of unlimited cloud backup for less than a dollar a month [Deals]

It's time to take control of your backups.
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Losing or breaking a phone can be seriously upsetting, especially when it means losing all the stuff you forgot to back up. G-Cloud’s app for iOS and Android makes it easy to back up all your devices’ files on Amazon’s super-secure AWS Cloud under a single account. This is easy and reliable cloud storage, with unlimited space for five years, and you can get it now for $29 at Cult of Mac Deals.