iPhone maker replaces half its factory workers with robots

Tim Cook greeting Foxconn workers in China. Photo: Apple
Tim Cook meeting with (human) Foxconn workers.
Photo: Apple

Apple manufacturer Foxconn has been talking about investing in robots for years now, but apparently it’s finally done it — replacing more than half of the employees at one of its factories with machines.

“The Foxconn factory has reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots,” said a government official, adding that “it has tasted success in reduction of labour costs” and that more companies are now likely to follow suit.

Microsoft’s smartphone team is on its last legs

Is this the blue screen of death for Microsoft's phones?
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft may be doing great in some areas of its business, but it’s struggling in others — with “exhibit A” being its smartphone business.

Having sold off its feature phone business this month, Microsoft has now announced plans to “scale back” its smartphone output — which will impact “up to 1,850 jobs worldwide,” although Microsoft still claims it’s got some “great new devices” being developed for the future.

Check out Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of Windows’ message to employees:

‘Error 53’ plaintiffs claim Apple not living up to reimbursement promise

Error 53 has finally been fixed.
"Error 53" problem bricked affected iPhones.
Photo: Apple

Apple may have fixed its disastrous Error 53 fault that disables iPhones which had a home button or cables related to Touch ID replaced by an unauthorized third-party.

However, a class action suit brought by a number of iPhone owners is claiming that Apple didn’t do enough — and yet not lived up to its promise to reimburse customers whose phones were bricked by the error.

Apple’s plans for Indian retail stores suffers massive blow

India may not be quite the dream market Apple had thought.
Photo: Apple

Apple may be running into problems in China, but it doesn’t seem like its campaign to expand into India — another vast country with plenty of potential for smartphone growth — is going any better.

According to a new report, India’s finance minister has ruled that Apple must conform to local sourcing laws to open official Apple Stores within India, despite previous rumors stating that Apple would be exempted from such rules.

iPhone 7 screen protector confirms no major design changes

Spot the difference with today's iPhone 6s.
Spot the difference with today's iPhone 6s.
Photo: Pocket-lint

The iPhone 7 may be boasting a few more internal modifications than we had thought, but think again if you’re expecting Apple to offer a full-on redesign of the design and form factor it has been using since 2014’s iPhone 6.

That’s according to a new photo posted online, reportedly showing a very familiar glass screen protector planned for the next-gen handset, looking very much like the one employed by the iPhone 6 and 6s.