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Witness the evolution of iPhone in one hypnotizing GIF


You could read about the evolution of the iPhone in one of our features, looks at a spec chart, or learn about it an infographic, But none of those is nearly as fun as seeing the original iPhone morph into the iPhone 6 in one GIF.

The folks at GadgetLove have made another great evolution GIF that shows the subtle design changes Apple’s made to the iPhone over the last seven years, with shrinking bezels, thinner form factors, moving buttons and more.

Before you toss away your worthless iPhone 5s, take 3 seconds to appreciate the road to the iPhone 6, and try not to get hypnotized by Jony Ive’s changes.

Poll: Which iPhone 6 model did you buy today?

The crazy iPhone 6 launch lines around the world are finally shortening up as the first wave of customers take their shiny new devices home. We’re back at the Cult of Mac Headquarters getting intimate with our big and bigger iPhones, but we were curious which iPhone 6 model you bought.

Many of us here went with the 6 Plus – because bigger is definitely better – but a few staffers are loving their smaller iPhone 6 screens. Vote in the poll above and then tell us why you made your choice in the comments.

Joan Rivers promotes iPhone 6 from the grave


Joan Rivers was officially declared dead nearly two weeks ago, but the late comedian isn’t quite ready to stop promoting products in the land of the living.

Rivers’ Facebook and Instagram accounts joined the iPhone 6 upgrade madness this morning by posting a picture of her “badass” iPhone 4 that’s supposedly getting “replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one).” #iPhone6 #YAY!

The post was taken down within minutes, but not before TMZ grabbed a shot of it. Joan died a few days before the iPhone 6 was revealed on September 9th, so unless Steve Jobs’ also has a Apple Store in heaven, I imagine some social media intern will be looking for a new job to go with their iPhone 6.

Stephen Colbert’s iPhone 6 comes pre-loaded U2 nudie pics


Apple fans across the U.S. are eagerly awaiting their chance to caress the biggest iPhone screens ever made, but America’s #1 fanboy and late-night show host Stephen Colbert got his iPhone 6 delivery a little early.

Colbert immediately dismissed his iPhone 5s as “worse than useless” after pulling out the iPhone 6, but Steve’s unit came pre-loaded with a little extra suprise: nude photos of U2 frontman Bono.

Watch the funny segment below:

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Apple’s new ‘eRase U2’ service gets Bono out of your brain forever


U2 has not had a good week. What was supposed to be the most epic album release of all-time spun into a bloody hatefest as Apple decided to add Songs of Innocence to every iTunes user’s purchased items lists.

The company eventually rolled out a tool to remove the album from iTunes accounts forever, to silence the people that didn’t like having U2’s $100 million album shoved down their throats. For those that want to take things a step further though, Conan O’Brien has invented an Apple product that can remove U2’s tunes from your mind forever, called eRase U2.

Check it out:

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Hard-hitting drop test takes iPhone 6 to its breaking point


We saw a kid in Australia perform the first unofficial drop test earlier today, but for those wanting to see the limits of iPhone 6 truly tested, the first scientific tests are in.

Blogger Dave Rahimi — who was the first person in the world to buy the iPhone 6 — performed a slightly more precise drop test on both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and if you were hoping the new ion-reinforced screen would save you from a shattered display, he’s got some bad news.

Not to spoil the surprise, but the larger iPhone 6 Plus cracked its big beautiful screen when dropped on its side the first time. Rahimi had just purchased it, after flying from California to Australia to pick it up. Ouch!

Here is Dave’s hard-hitting drop test:

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iPhone 6 Plus teardown confirms 1GB of RAM, double-battery size


Gold iPhone 6 Plus and its logic board. Photo: iFixit

The Apple repair gurus at iFixit have been meticulously tearing down the iPhone 6 Plus over the last few hours and have discovered new details about Apple’s first phablet.

The teardown revealed that the iPhone 6 Plus battery has nearly double the capacity of the iPhone 5s with 2915 mAh of energy, which is slightly larger than the 2800 mAh battery on the Galaxy S5. They’ve confirmed that Apple’s new A8 processor only comes with 1GB of RAM on both the 6 and 6 Plus, and have also dissected the 6 Plus camera module to reveal its new optical image stabilization technology.

Here’s what else they found:

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Watch this clumsy Australian drop one of the first iPhone 6 units in the world


iPhone 6 lines have gotten absolutely nuts in the build up for tomorrow launch, but people in Australia are already heading home with the very first iPhone 6 units, but the first person to buy one in Perth almost had to go back in for another.

Moments after a young boy named Jack Cooksey left the Perth Apple Store with one of the first iPhone 6 unit’s ever sold in the world, he was swarmed by local news aiming to get the first look of the bigger than big display in his hands. Struggling to release his prize from its pristine white tomb, Jack’s excitement shook the box open as cameras watched the iPhone 6 slip out and slam onto the concrete.

Here’s the full clip from Perth News Today:

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Peek inside the iPhone 6 with these thorough teardowns


iPhone 6 units are flying of shelves in Australia and Asia and the first teardowns are not far behind them.

The Apple repair geniuses at iFixit have already started their flawless teardown of the iPhone 6 Plus and they’re live-blogging all the action with gorgeous close-ups of the bigger than big guts of Apple’s new device. The teardown action is just getting started, but if you can’t wait to look inside the iPhone 6, there are a couple other people who have already pried their iPhone’s apart.

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AT&T quietly jacks up monthly fee for iPhone 6 upgraders

Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Did you get this text from AT&T? If so, your monthly bill is going up. Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Did you buy a shiny new iPhone 6 from AT&T Wireless? You might want to check your next monthly bill for an increased charge.

Some AT&T customers upgrading to the iPhone 6 received a surprising text alert this morning saying the carrier has hiked the monthly “smartphone access charge” to $40 for anyone renewing a two-year Mobile Share Value plan agreement. Naturally, the carrier waited until it was swamped with an unprecedented amount of iPhone 6 pre-orders before telling customers they’d be paying an extra $600 over two years — nearly enough to buy an unlocked iPhone 6 outright.

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