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iPhone 6 will run on all major Chinese networks


Pretty much everyone already knows that the iPhone 6 is coming out next month, but one of Apple’s carrier partners in China just couldn’t hold onto the secret anymore, and announced to customers on Weibo that it will sell an unlocked iPhone 6.

The ad was quickly deleted, however, it did reveal that Apple plans to release a single version of the iPhone 6 that supports all the wireless networks in the China for the first time ever.

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Apple adds 16 new countries to Volume Purchase Program


Apple has added 16 new countries and regions to the App Store’s Volume Purchasing Program today that allows businesses and schools to purchase mass quantities of a single app in just one purchase, and distribute it among multiple students or employees.

The list of new countries joining the program include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and the UAE.

The addition of the new countries was announced by the App Store team via the following email:

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Apple won’t start assembling iWatch until September

Apple’s expected to announce its first foray into wearables this October, but a new report out of China is adding to fanboy fears that the iWatch launch won’t take place until 2015, with claims that suppliers won’t even start delivering components until September at the earliest.

And then it’s going to take months just to assemble a few million units.

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Foxconn factory leaks exact dimensions of iPhone 6


Foxconn factory employees have leaked the complete dimensions of the iPhone 6, according to iGen.fr, which posted photos of what appears to be Foxconn’s internal software listing the full dimensions for both the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

The two new phones, code named N56 and N61, are expected to be announced next month, and if the leaked specs are right, not only will the 5.5-inch iPhone have more screen than your iPhone 5s, it will also be 60% heavier.

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iPhone 6 production hits snag as Apple makes last-minute tweak

Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone in nearly three weeks, but according to a Reuters report, production has hit a snag, sending suppliers scrambling to get enough parts in time, thanks to a last minute design change.

To make the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 thinner than ever, Apple planned to shrink the backlight assembly by using a single layer of film — instead of the two used on the iPhone 5s display — but after running into some last minute problems with production, Apple decided to redesign the key component.

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Crystal Baller: iPhone 6 gets NFC and 7 other crazy Apple rumors

Apple met with top health insurance providers about HealthKit partnership


Apple is nearly ready to become the go-to place for healthcare providers to get all your personal fitness data, and along with meeting with hospitals to talk about the benefits of HealthKit, Apple has been talking to the countries biggest health insurance providers about partnering with its health initiatives.

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Tim Cook visits veterans hospital where the iPad is lending a hand


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been under fire all year for being run pretty much the exact opposite way as Apple. Needing all the help they can get, Tim Cook payed a visit to the local Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto this afternoon.

Tim tweeted that he met with doctors and veterans at the VA Palo Alto with Congresswoman. Anna G. Eshoo. The hospital now uses iPads to help treat vets and families, and you can bet Tim did a little campaigning for HealthKit and iOS 8 while pulling out his best Patch Adams impersonations.

The iPad program at VA Palo Alto was initiated at the beginning of 2013 and now claims shorter-than-average wait times for both primary and specialty care appointments. Newly confirmed secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald, also visited the Palo Alto VA yesterday and said it sets the standard within the troubled health care system, calling it the “crown jewel.”

From geniuses to designers, chart reveals Apple salaries


Other than getting to #humblebrag to all your friends that Dr. Dre is your colleague at the top tech company in the world, working for Apple has some serious benefits in the form of cash money.

Apple makes sure to compensate most of its corporate employees enough to at least afford a Tesla. But if you’ve ever been curious how much each position at Apple earns a year, the folks at BusinessVibes created the graph based on data from GlassDoor that ranks over 20 jobs at Apple based on pay from the lowly Mac Genius to Jony Ive’s industrial designers.

The good news for coders ready for a career switch is even software quality assurance engineers start around $92k a year, but of course Apple places the most value on industrial designers who bring home nearly $30k more a year than the 2nd highest paid employees – hardware engineers.

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi and GPS antennas leak ahead of fall production


Alleged iPad Air 2 components (from left to right) Wi-Fi module, microphone, and LTE antenna

iPhone 6 leaks have stolen most our attention lately ahead of next month’s big reveal, but a new set of leaked images may have just given us our first look at some of the iPad Air 2’s internal components.

Other leaks have shown the next-gen iPad Air’s rear shell and front display, but alleged images of the iPAd Air 2’s Wi-Fi module, GPS antenna, and microphone were posted today by Chinese Apple blogger Xiaolong Cahakan, indicating full production on Apple’s next tablet is about to get underway.

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