Here’s the mystery building Apple is crafting for its big reveal

All photos: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac. Additional reporting by Nicole Martinelli.

  • supercatman

    My God…..they’ve reanimated Steve Jobs!

  • Randall

    That should be painful to work in there

  • pk_de_cville

    A local guy who lives near there is saying there’s a stage with Hollywood quality sound system inside the ‘building’. So, during the night before the event the contractors come in and remove the ‘buiding’ and voila, popup concert!

  • aardman

    It’s Apple’s land-based response to the Google barge!

  • Chuck McGinley

    We need jokes about generic brand white things like in Repo Man. Somebody photoshop something over it and brand it! :-)

  • Costa K

    I assume they’ve been building this for a few weeks now. And no one noticed.

    I guess Apple can still keep some secrets.

  • NCBlue

    Send in the drones

  • Kr00

    News just in, Samsung have announced they’ll be opening a white box building too, but say it isn’t a copy of Apples white box building.

  • Jim Padian

    You forgot the DEC PDP-8. It preceded and set the tone for what followed.

  • Alan Wharton

    So big is good?

  • Lance

    I think Apple will release a portable wifi dildo! The white buildings

    symbolize testicles!!!

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